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HARIO V60-03 SWITCH Immersion Dripper (360ml/12.2oz)

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    The SWITCH immersion dripper simplifies the V60 brewing process by eliminating the drawdown until you're ready so you get as much extraction as you want.

    Simply place a V60-03 size paper filter and ground coffee into the glass dripper, then gently fill with fresh hot water. Then, when your desired steep time has been reached, just press the switch on the base, which releases the freshly brewed coffee into your cup. Perfect extraction, simplified.

    • Capacity: 360ml (12.2oz)
    • Dishwasher Safe
    • Heatproof Glass Dripper
    • Stainless Steel Ball and Filter
    • PCT Resin Switch
    • Silicone Rubber Base
    • AS Resin Lid
    • All Parts Made in Japan
    • Includes 40 V60-03 filters
  • HARIO V60-03 SWITCH Immersion Dripper (360ml/12.2oz) - User Manual

hari hair hairo cha chai sencha clever dripper V60

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Review after about 30 servings

This is the best variant on a pour through I have come across, and I really like having the hot water resting against glass rather than plastic, which was my concern with Aero Press. The coffee you get to drink from this device is quite smooth and I found I can adjust the result so easily by increasing the amount of coffee used and/or the before allowing the coffee to flow through, in addition to stirring..

Andrey T.
It's a V60+

A great way to brew a nice cup of coffee by being able to control your bloom time, how much water you want to immerse the coffee, how long, how many times, or just use it like a standard V60 or brew as if it's a French press that you allow to drain instead of pressing.

You get about 300ml of coffee out of a full immersion. The cup rim needs to be at least a "standard" size cup that you would see at a diner, otherwise you'll need to purchase the stand to use it for large mugs.

Anastasia E.

It really is the best of both worlds! Love love love.

Thom W.
Versatile product!

Versatile product with a gentle learning curve. Perfect for rushed mornings or if someone else in the house wants to make a pour over without the fuss.

Best Hario brewer so far

It has the best of both worlds: Immersion and drip. You can play with this brewer in many ways combining different technics to yield surprising results.

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