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HARIO V60 Buono Electric Kettle (120V)

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    The HARIO Buono kettle is the standard in pouring kettles for home or cafe use. This electric version will power your pourovers. Like the original Buono Kettle, the HARIO V60 Buono Electric Kettle features a gooseneck spout that allows you to direct the flow of the water over your coffee bed and also control the pace, ensuring you have the potential to get the most out of your coffee. This quick boiling kettle will get your water up to boil in as little as 5 minutes!

    Boiling time will vary depending on conditions of use (altitude, original water temperature, etc.)

    • SIZE: W295 x D156 x H175mm (W11.6 x D6.1 x H6.9in)
    • CAPACITY: 800ml (27oz)
    • WEIGHT (incl. individual box): Approx. 800g (28.2oz)
      • Knob of Lid, Handle, Power Supply Plate Base: Polypropylene
      • Lid, Kettle Body: Stainless Steel
    • Auto-off
    • Boil-dry protection
    • 360-degree cordless design
    • 90cm cord with storage in base
    • AC 120V / 60 Hz / 1000W
    • Made in China
  • HARIO V60 Buono Electric Kettle - User Manual

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Corey A.
It's a kettle that boils water?! 😲

I bought is thanks to James Hoffman's YouTube channel because of it's great flow. Other than that, it's literally like every other kettle. It boils water at a reasonable pace, the cord is long enough and the handle is sturdy for only having 1 attachment point. I'm not a fan of the beehive look and would prefer different color options but that's just nitpicking aesthetics. Again, it's a kettle the boils water. Don't waste $200 on fancy temp regulation and minimalist colour schemes.

Landon S.

I bought one as a gift and now want my own. Very hard to wrap this up and give it away

Efficient but made in china

I was looking for a high quality kettle made in japan from Hario... was really dissapointed to find on the box that it was made in China. At no place i found an indication on 8oz website.

Additionally, there is a significant chemical smell and taste on the water that wont dissapear, even after 3 weeks of use.

Finally, there is a plastic part in the boiling zone, which is to me another issue.

On a good note, really convenient and efficient and nice to use, but still regret my purchase and whish that eight ounce would made clear indication on the products description, while some Hario product are made in Japan and some others are made in china, not the same quality.

Alex B.
Good kettle

Quick boil and not too loud, generally happy with my purchase.

Worthy to be mentioned, as I did not pay too much attention, I thought I'd get the one where you can control the temperature you're heating your water at but it's not.

Erik K.
Happy with my purchase

I have been using this kettle everyday since I got it, and am quite happy with it. It heats up quite quickly, is easy to control the flow, and looks great. My one and only complaint was the warning sticker above the on/off switch. the glue used was very sticky and took a lot of rubbing alcohol and scrubbing to clean off.

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