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HARIO V60 Drip-Assist

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  • Description
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    Designed by the 2013 World Barista champion, Pete Licata, the HARIO V60 Drip-Assist is designed to simplify the coffee brewing process.

    Two sets of holes of differing diameters allows water to be poured quickly when needed, via the inner holes, and also allows a fairly slow and dispersed shower of water for a more gentle water movement, via the outer holes. By having both sizes, you are able to manipulate enough of the brew to create fantastic results.

    The V60 Drip-Assist fits inside the paper filters and even when using the wide spout of a standard or electric kettle, drizzles water out to evenly to ensure you can brew delicious coffee.

    Part of the HARIO World Barista Collaboration collection.

    Two types of hole help brew quality coffee.
    There are holes of two different sizes on the Drip-Assist. These help you regulate your pouring speed.
    No need for a gooseneck kettle.
    A gooseneck kettle is not needed as the small drops of water created by Drip-Assist ensure the ideal speed for brewing coffee.
    Water flows into the central section when the outer ring is full.
    If you pour in too much water, it flows into the central section. You can use this function to help measure your recipe.
    • SIZE: W109 x D109 x H51mm (W4.3 x D4.3 x H2in)
    • CAPACITY: 1-4 cups
    • WEIGHT (incl. individual box): Approx. 100g (3.5oz)
    • MATERIAL: PCT Resin
    • Made in Japan
  • HARIO V60 Drip-Assist - User Manual

    Coffee grounds:18~24g
    Water temprature:97℃~
    Finished Capacity:Approx. 300ml
    Wait 30 seconds after pouring hot water 50~70ml into center part for bloom.
    Pour rest of hot water in outer ring and allowing excess water to pour over to center holes.
    Coffee grounds:25~30g
    Water temprature:97℃~
    Finished Capacity:Approx. 390ml
    Wait 30 seconds after pouring hot water 70~85ml into center part for bloom.
    Filling outer ring, pause to drain under half full, and repeat until water dose is reached.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Julian C.
Produces an Even Pour

Great v60 Tool, for even water distribution

Helpful Device

I like this assist dripper. Good value for those getting into brewing as you can hold off on a gooseneck!
I like the consistency which can help you evaluate the effect of your pouring stream but means of comparing gentle consistent flow to the effect you are contributing by your pouring technique

Who'd Have Thought . . .

Basic gadget, simple to use, inexpensive but one that definitely improves my pour overs.

The best consistant cup?

Making some V60 few time a month for a few years. I was looking to elevate my cup and get some consistency. In a result agreed that it delivered its promiss to be consistant. Pretty sure i am not the only one making a bad V60 once here and there.. tested the drip assist 25 time and none was bad, but none was also super good. They are just all good cup! Good purchase for newbi or if you dont have a chance to use the V60 often like me. Tester on other dripper ans also work with a few.

Almost similar to the melodrip.

I ordered this to see if it will work just as good as the Melodrip. I’ve got to say that it evenly distributes the water over the bed of coffee, but does not hit the outer rim of the coffee bed. I wish that the had a third ring of openings to do this.

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