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HARIO V60 Air Drip Kettle (350ml/12oz)

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    The HARIO V60 Air Drip Kettle is a versatile pouring kettle with a budget friendly price. With pouring control comparable to more expensive competitors, its lightweight design makes it easy to hold and also very packable for camping and travelling.

    The HARIO V60 Air allows for basic pourover recipes, using the volume measurements on its side and the coffee scoop from your HARIO V60 dripper for the coffee. Alternatively, you can scale both your water and your coffee for greater precision. Pair it with the HARIO V60 Craft Coffee Maker (Pourover Set) for a great starter kit for the beginner coffee enthusiast.

    • SIZE: W177 x D78 x H128mm (W7 x D3 x H5in)
    • CAPACITY: 350ml (12oz)
    • WEIGHT (incl. individual box): Approx. 200g (7oz)
    • MATERIAL: PCT Resin
    • NOT Microwave or Oven Safe
    • Made in Japan
  • HARIO V60 Air Drip Kettle - User Manual

    The No Scale Recipe

    1. Turn on Kettle
    2. Grind 2 Full Scoops of Coffee
    3. Place V60 with Paper Filter on Top of Coffee Server
    4. Pre-wet Filter and Discard Water
    5. Add Coffee into Filter and Gently Shake Filter to Make Bed Level
    6. Fill 350ml of Hot Water into Drip Kettle Air
    7. Pour Hot Water Gently Over Coffee, Ensuring All Grounds Get Wet (50 - 100ml of Water)
    8. Let Coffee Bloom for 30-45 Seconds
    9. Continue to Pour Coffee Slowly and Gently (Full 350ml Amount)
    10. Carefully and Properly Discard Your Coffee Grounds and Filter
    11. Pour Coffee into Your Favourite Mug
    12. Enjoy!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Great for office

If your work kettle doesn’t make pourovers easily, then this is the perfect solution for you. Just be warned your coworkers will be borrowing it constantly.

Pours like a dream

Lovely to use!

Matt L.

I wanted to try my hand at learning proper pour-over technique, but I already have a perfectly good electric kettle, just one that lacked a gooseneck spout. This drip kettle is a great alternative. The polycarbonate construction helps minimize heat transfer and the spout is well designed, allowing water to flow smoothly and precisely. Since it's not much bigger than a coffee mug, it stows away in a cupboard when not in use. For the price, it's incredible.

light and portable

i was able to bring it with me on my trip in my basal coffee travel bag with my grinder stored inside. also works great at home in place of an expensive temp controlled gooseneck kettle

Rosemary C.
Light as Air

I am enjoying my new Hario air pour over "kettle". It took a few tries for me to achieve control over the flow because it is literaly as light as air. Great product, especially if you have wrist or hand problems!

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