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KALITA Enameled Pelican Pot (1L/34oz)

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    As the cute sticker on the side indicates, this is the Kalita Pelican Pot. It's an enameled pourover kettle with a 1 litre capacity that pays tribute to the classic camping kettle in its retro design. In addition to its robust build, it has one of the finest pouring spouts to be found.

    Unlike the majority of kettles, it has a wide neck hugging close to the body, and a very prominent and sharp pouring spout that allows for super precise drip control. A speckled, dark interior and thoughtful detailing, add to the super stylish look of this kettle, making it as much at home in a designer kitchen or cafe as it is in the cottage or campsite.

    • Available in White or Red colourways (with dark interior and trim)
    • Capacity: 1000ml
    • Material: Enamel-Coated Steel
    • Bottom Diameter: 95mm
    • Made in Japan
  • Use to boil and pour water at home and away.

    Please be careful, the handle may become very hot. To prevent boiling over, please fill to only 70-80% of total volume. Ensure the kettle is stable and well balanced when in use

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Andrew M.
Great little pot

Perfect little pot to use on a camping stove with my Aeropress, nice controlled pours allowing to try different recipes and brewing methods. Just don't overfill (spits water when boiling) and don't over tilt (lid will fall off) but if you want a tough little pot with great accuracy this is the one.

Rebecca M.
Love this kettle!

Perfect kettle for pour overs + practical for tea, everything else you need. Heats up in minutes! So practical, functional, and I love the style.

Tao Li
nice look

everything is perfect except the lid. It is easy to drop down.

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