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KeepCup Replacement Silicone Band

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  • A replacement silicone band for your KeepCup! Just what you've been wanting ever since your dog thought your KeepCup band was a chew toy.

    • Silicone Band
    • Compatible with all KeepCup except LongPlay
    • BPS and BPA Free
    • Thermal Resistant
    • Non-Slip
  • Gently shimmy the band up the length of your KeepCup until it is nicely in place. For 16oz glass KeepCups, we recommend the Cork Band as it is better at insulating and keeping your fingers from burning!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
smooth feel, prefer cork

These bands don't fit as neatly on the cups as cork, they still have heat transfer since they are a bit thin. Better than nothing. The texture of silicone rubber is always nice, and it doesn't add much to the circumference like cork, but I prefer natural material.

Jeffrey D.
Not as good as cork

I really wanted a cork replacement. When I could not find one I settled for silicone. The cork were so expensive it was about the same to buy a whole new glass. Next time, that's what I'll do.

Nice to the touch

Really like the silicone feel. Prefer this band to the cork.

Mitchell W.
Just okay

Good replacement for a broken Cork band, but hard to get off when wet and also not as heat absorbent as the cork bands.

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