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KINTO PLANT POT 211 (135mm/5.4in)

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    The KINTO PLANT POT 211 comes with a raised stand that gives plants extra height and attention. The sleek stand and textured rounded pot fits effortlessly into a modern interior. Combine different heights for a dynamic effect. The pot has a hole at the bottom so that with a saucer, plants can be watered without moving the pot.​

    The dry textured glaze highlights the lushness of your indoor wilderness while the sleek design and clean silhouette will fit into even the most minimalist of spaces.

    • Set Dimensions: ⌀135mm x H230mm x W155mm | 920g (⌀5.4in x H9.2in x W6.2in | 32oz)
    • Pot Dimensions: ⌀135mm x H120mm x W145mm | 680g (⌀5.4in x H4.8in x W5.8in | 24oz)
    • Stand Dimensions: W134mm x D116mm x H142 mm | 230g (W5.4in x D4.6in x H5.7in | 8oz)
    • Materials:
      • Pot: Ceramic
      • Stand: Zinc Alloy (powder coating)
      • Cap: Silicone
    • Withstand Load: 4000g (141oz)
  • KINTO PLANT POT 211 (135mm/5.4in) - User Manual

    This product is a plant pot. Do not use this product for other than it's intended use. Place the product on a stable surface.Make sure that all parts are attached correctly before using the product. Do not contain objects in the product which are heavier than the withstand load. Do not put unbalanced weight on the product. Do not place the product outdoor, as it may cause deterioration. Do not place the product near home electric appliances, personal computers, or valuables, as it might get wet when watering plants. Keep the product out of reach of children and pets. Please note that if the center of the pot and the stand are not aligned, the pot may become unstable and fall over, or water may run onto the stand when watering. Please be careful that the pot might get scratches if the pot and the stand rub against each other. Do not drag it when moving it as this may cause damage or scratches. Do not place the stand near a stove or other heating appliance or fire. Stop using the product when some breakage or deformation has occurred. Do not disassemble or modify the product.Make sure that there are no defects on the product about once a month.Size and shape may vary slightly from each other due to the manufacturing process. Each piece has its own texture, such as uneven glaze color and luster, as characteristics.

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