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KINTO PLAY Tumbler (300ml/10oz)

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    The KINTO PLAY Tumbler is built to handle all the play adventures - big and small - that your little one throws at it. The tumbler is vacuum insulated, which allows their chocolate milk or fruit smoothie to stay cold for up to six hours! The straw-like, folding spout has a rounded edge, makingdrinking their apple juice with their pals easy and fun. Plus, the removable straw inside the tumbler helps keep cleaning a breeze. The tumbler is designed to fit small hands and there is a nice loop on the lid so that they can carry their own tumbler in style.

    The KINTO PLAY Tumbler is the solution to keep little ones from trying to steal your coffee-filled KINTO Travel Tumbler or when you're tired of replacing low-quality sippy cups. Whether playing at the park, hiding out in their pillow fort, or building sand castles at the beach, the PLAY Tumbler is ready to go wherever your child goes!

    • Available in a variety of colourways
    • Capacity: 300ml (10oz)
    • Dimensions: ⌀69mm x H161mm x W95mm (⌀2.7 x H6.3in x W3.7in)
    • Tumbler Body Materials: 18-8 Stainless Steel (Powder Coating)
    • Lid and Spout Materials: Polypropylene, Silicone (100℃/212℉ Upper Temperature Tolerance)
    • Straw Material: Polyethylene (70℃/158℉ Upper Temperature Tolerance)
    • BPA Free
    • Vacuum insulated thermal flask with heat reflective foil layer
    • Electro-polished interior prevents odours and stains
    • Coloured surfaces are powder coated for scratch resistant durability
    • Keeps drinks cold (8°C/46°F) for 6 hours
    • Made in China
  • KINTO PLAY Tumbler (300ml/10oz) - User Manual

    This is a tumbler for cold beverages. For maximum insulation efficiency, pre-cool the tumbler prior to use by filling in a bit of cold water for 1-2 mins. Do not put hot drinks as it may cause scalds. Do not use in a microwave. Do not use in dishwasher. Do not place near open flames. Do not put in boiling water.

    Do not drop or subject the product to strong impact as it may cause breakage or leakage. Keep an eye on your children when they use this tumbler. Be careful with infants as their mischief may cause accidental ingestion or injury. Do not swing the product around as it may cause unexpected injuries or accidents. Do not put in dry ice or carbonated beverage as they may cause the product to expand and break. Do not put the product in a freezer as it may cause warp or breakage.

    Be careful not to pour too much beverage as it may overflow when closing. Ensure the silicone rings are attached correctly. Keep the product upright to prevent accidental spills or leakage. Close the lid tightly to prevent spills or leakage when carrying. Do not drink while walking as it may cause an injury in case of a fall. Ensure the straw is inserted all the way. Do not tilt the product too much when drinking with a straw, as you will have drink remaining. Do not shake or apply strong vibration to the tumbler, as it may cause the leakage from the tip of the spout due to changes in internal pressure. 

    Do not leave the product under high temperature such as in a car. Do not leave the beverage inside the product for long time as it may spoil or cause rust. Immediately wash and dry well after use, and keep dry when not in use. Wash with care. Do not use abrasive cleansers or steel wool. Do not remove the spout forcibly. Do not use chlorine bleach as it may cause rust. When rust spots are found inside the tumbler, add warm water and citric acid in ratio of 10:1, wash with soft sponge after leaving it for 2-3 hours, and rinse well.

Customer Reviews

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McKenzie W.
Great Quality Tumbler

Love this tumbler for my toddler, I now have 3. It's durable, doesn't leak everywhere and when I fill it with a smoothie, my daughter can't yank the lid or straw out. Super easy to clean. Love it!

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