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KINTO SLOW COFFEE STYLE Cotton Paper Filter 2 Cup

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  • The Cotton Paper Filter 2 Cup is designed to fit your KINTO Slow Style 2 Cup Brewer. Made of cotton linter pulp and wood pulp, the filter brings out a clear, mild taste in your brewed coffee.

    As with any paper filter, ensure that you rinse the filter with boiling water before brewing to remove any remaining paper taste.

    • Material: Cotton pulp, wood pulp
    • W100 x D105 mm
    • Capacity: 2 Traditional Coffee Cups or ~240ml
    • Set of 60
    • No chemical adhesive is used for the seam of filter. Fold the paper along the seam before placing the filter in the brewer, or the seam may separate
    • Made in Japan
  • Enjoy the richness of going slow. SLOW COFFEE STYLE was born to bring you the joy of a slow, relaxing passage of time with your pour-over coffee. Organic forms, calm colours, and warm textures are designed to help you unwind.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Marie Laure Jouniaux
Best paper filter

These filters make the best tasting pour over coffee. I used them on a daily basis and it's a must have.

Best in class

Highly recommended. Perfectly sized for 1 cup. Always produces clean tasting results.

Guy m.

Perfect size for brewing one cup.

kinto papers

First time trying these filters the texture is a bit different. Has made a few really nice cups

Great Paper !

Perfect for a single pour over cup !

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