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KINU M47 Classic Grinder

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    Kinu grinders give you greater grind control with precise, stepless adjustment. With a true zero point and 50 marks per revolution of the control knob, making grind adjustments is easy and repeatable. Each mark on the knob equals 0.01 mm of vertical movement of the burrs, which means you can fine-tune your grind with exacting precision. With a proprietary, Black Fusion coating, the Stainless Steel, conical burr set excels with Turkish, espresso and fine drip grind fineness, and is still quite capable at creating a coarser grind for delicious immersion brew methods.

    • High-end, stainless-steel single dose manual coffee grinder
    • Unique Morse cone principle full metal construction, resulting in the auto-centering of the burrs
    • Thumb stopper for easy handling
    • Micrometrical, step-less reproductible and easy grinding adjustment with up to 50 divisions per revolution
    • Stainless-steel, 11 magnets catch-cup and beans funnel
    • 47mm professional grade conical burrs for fast grinding, Black-Fusion treated
    • Ball-bearing movement throughout
    • All plastic parts made of Food-Safe ABS
    • EVA Travel Hard Case included

    Kinu M47 Classic grind size chart

    Model Comparison

    Kinu Model M47 Phoenix M47 Simplicity M47 Classic
    Weight 1.4kg (3.09lb) 1.65kg (3.64lb) 1.85kg (4.08lb)
    Dimensions 25.5x19x12.5cm (10.04x7.5x4.9in) 25.5x19x12.5cm (10.04x7.5x4.9in) 25.5x19x12.5cm (10.04x7.5x4.9in)
    Burr Set 47mm Conical, Coated, Self-Centering, Stainless Steel 47mm Conical, Coated, Self-Centering, Stainless Steel 47mm Conical, Coated, Self-Centering, Stainless Steel
    Grind Adjustment Stepless, Micrometrical Stepless, Micrometrical Stepless, Micrometrical
    Beans Hopper Capacity 40-50g (1.4-1.8oz) 40-50g (1.4-1.8oz) 40-50g (1.4-1.8oz)
    Grinds Bin Capacity 35-40g (1.2-1.4oz) 35-40g (1.2-1.4oz) 30-35g (1.0-1.2oz)
    Beans Funnel Material ABS Plastic ABS Plastic Stainless Steel
    Grinds Bin Material ABS Plastic ABS Plastic Stainless Steel
    Grip Type Silicone Band Thumb Stopper Thumb Stopper
  • Kinu M47 Classic Hand Grinder User Manual

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jeremy Aldridge
An absolute tank

After my entry level timemore developed a failure ( the plastic cap piece broke - not fatal but super annoying) I decided to upgrade ( a lot ) and chose this model after much research. The build quality is superb and I expect it will outlast me. The feel of grinding with it is a joy and the grinds it produces are excellent. I only use it for pour over which may be overkill and I know the commmandante has its fans but there was no way I was spending what that grinder costs to get plastic parts. All steel all the time ! I use the grinder every day and not having to take anything apart is great. Dump the coffee in, grind, dump out and brew. I am also aware of the many grinders from countries with questionable human rights practices ( and plastic parts ) and I just can't do it. Yes this is a very expensive grinder and, yes, for me it is worth it. Tldr buy quality buy it once.

Ken Shelton
Endgame hand-grinder experience

After many hours of comparative research into the burgeoning field of hand grinders with espresso capabilities, I eventually settled on the Kinu M47as the handmaiden to a Cafelat Robot for my daily coffee preparation.
And did it ever deliver! From the ease of grinding to the fluffy coffee grounds, the Kinu met my expectations and more.
And the icing on the cake was the outstanding service I received from the Eight Ounce Coffee team - thank you all so much.

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