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KRUVE Brewler

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    Designed specifically for coffee lovers, the BREWLER is a handy stainless steel measuring tool that lets you quickly reference the size of green beans and coffee grinds. The BREWLER finally puts a measurable number next to Fine, Medium, and Coarse. No more guessing or references to sea salt. The BREWLER also includes a metric ruler up to 16cm and a quick conversion table for common brewing related conversions.

    • Measure your grind - Grind size measurements from 200-1600μm
    • Grade your green beans - Bean size measurements from 11-20/64"
    • Convenient coffee conversions
    • 15cm ruler - great for measuring portafilter basket size
    • Calibrate your grinder - Use it for grinder calibration
  • KRUVE Grind Size Reference Chart

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Neil O'Rourke
Simple Measure

This item is proof a useful tool does not need to be complicated. The brewler is helpful to change the conversation from vague grind descriptors to numerical values. Recommend for anyone interested in dialling in their grind.

Great tool

This is great for someone who treats coffee as a hobby. I have different grinders so this ruler is a simple way to compare grind settings between them.

Nicola M.
A nice to have

Received as a gift and as a newbie exploring the coffee world it was actually appreciated more than I thought. If you learn visually, it’s a handy little tool.

It definitely does its job, a reliable tool for comparison

The Brewler does exactly what it says it does. No more no less. And honestly, I can't really ask for more than that. It's a good reference point for when I'm switching in between grind types, and is easy to both clean and store when its not in use. It's not always necessary, but its a welcome addition to those that can appreciate it's niche use.

Shi C.
A Fantastic Tool If You Have Multiple Grinders!

I personally use three grinders (Baratza, Timemore and Comandante) daily and it always takes time to figure out the equivalent setting across all of them. The Brewler works perfectly in this case. Also, if you are trying out new recipes and the recipe itself indicated the peak particle size (eg. 400-500 micron for cupping), then instead of guessing, you can actually measure it. The huge "brew size reference guide" fridge magnet comes with it is also so cool!

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