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Le Nez du Café Revelation (36 aromas) (English)

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  • Designed for professionals, connoisseurs, and coffee geeks alike, eager to deepen their knowledge. Le Nez du Café is a fun way to learn, memorize and analyze aromas found in coffee. The Revelation Kit includes 36 of the most common aromas found on the coffee tasting wheel to help you pinpoint what you're smelling, without having to go all the way to origin to experience the aroma of coffee cherry blossom.

    The Revelation includes 36 aromas to help guide your coffee tasting discussions and analysis:

    • Earthy note: 1 earth
    • Vegetables notes: 2 potato, 3 garden peas, 4 cucumber
    • Dry/vegetal note: 5 straw
    • Woody note: 6 cedar
    • Spicy notes: 7 clove-like, 8 pepper, 9 coriander seeds, 10 vanilla
    • Floral notes: 11 tea-rose/redcurrant jelly, 12 coffee blossom, 13 coffee pulp
    • Fruity notes: 14 blackcurrant-like, 15 lemon, 16 apricot, 17 apple
    • Animal notes: 18 butter, 19 honeyed, 20 leather
    • Toasty notes: 21 basmati rice, 22 toast, 23 malt, 24 liquorice, 25 caramel, 26 dark chocolate, 27 roasted almonds, 28 roasted peanuts, 29 roasted hazelnuts, 30 walnuts, 31 cooked beef, 32 smoky note, 33 pipe tobacco, 34 roasted coffee
    • Chemical notes: 35 medicinal, 36 rubber

    And to make this package more even more useful and informative, Revelation comes with an illustrated book that describes the aromatic groups, each aromas odouriferous features and its presence in the world's coffees, as well as the art of coffee growing, roasting and brewing. Train and enrich your olfactory memory to recognize aromas and improve your ability to discuss and analyze coffee, whether on the cupping table or in a mug at your in-law's house. A perfect addition to any sensory lab, cupping room, or bookshelf, Le Nez du Café is a fun initiation path for the amateur or the budding professional alike. This could be that thoughtful and original gift that will blow the socks off of that coffee lover in your life!

    Please note that we DO NOT ship aroma products outside of continental North America.

    • Available in English or French
    • Wood box
    • Dimensions: 26 x 15 x 8.5 cm
    • Weight: 1.85 kg
    • Handmade in France
    • Aromas are guaranteed for 5 years
    • If kept in good, stable conditions, aromas can can last for up to ten years

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