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HUGH Leverpresso Manual Espresso Maker

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    We've tried a lot of different manual espresso makers and often find that they either don't make very good espresso, or for the price you could buy an electric espresso machine that does just as good of a job with less hassle. Leverpresso is the perfect in between, making a true espresso without breaking the bank, and it's lightweight so you'll definitely want to take it with you when you're travelling.

    Leverpresso is so easy to use thanks to an intuitive design with a portafilter basket that screws on and off just like inserting a portafilter into an espresso machine group head. The dual levers make it easier to maintain a consitent 9 bars of pressure, without as much effort as a single lever.

    You can easily preheat Leverpresso while it's all together just by pouring in hot water and then pushing down the dual levers to empty it, so you won't burn yourself trying to insert hot metal pieces into place.

    • BPA Free
    • 50mm Basket Filter (Internal Diameter) with 17g Capacity
    • 7.0cm x 8.5cm x 17.5cm
    • Double Shot Volume
    • 120ml Water Capacity
    • Weight: 440g
    • Made of Tritan, Polypropylene, Stainless Steel and Aluminum
    • Made in Korea
    • Stand Sold Separately
    • Replacement Parts Available upon Request
  • Caution:

    1. Lightly turn and strongly lock the cylinder and portafilter in place so that no hot water will leak during extraction.
    2. Leverpresso is fragile so please use it carefully.
    3. Keep out of reach of children.
    4. Be careful to not grind too finely as extraction will require more pressure than Leverpresso can handle.
    5. Do not force the levers if they do not go down because it might break them or cause the water to come back up.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Ken C.
I'm impressed

It took a bit to get the grind dialed in and getting a good cup of espresso. A bit more tweaking on the grind size then I'll work on pressure and water temperature. I see a great espresso in my future. I think a good fresh roasted coffee and a good burr grinder are essential.

Adeline Chan

If you're looking for a portable and reliable coffee espresso quality with a lower range budget, Leverpresso is the one to go. I have tried 2 portable espresso maker before this, all falls under the same $ range, Leverpresso comes out the most consistent, and the taste closest to store bought latte. Definitely attaining crema requires a certain level of coffee knowledge and practice, but for it's price I'm already impressed. Good stuff!

Blaire W
10/10 would recommend to a friend

The Leverpresso is fantastic! It finds the right balance in cost, quality of shot, portability and ease of use. I have both basket types and use them both for different beans. You can definitely get crema with both basket types. The non-pressurised basket requires you to dial in your dose and grind for each bean to achieve crema. Hardest to do is using a light roast because it needs very high heat and the plastic chamber loses heat to quickly to get crema easily. A medium roast is much easier to get crema but you still need to figure out the right grind and dose(I usually use 18g for medium roast beans and 17g for light roast).
With the pressurized basket achieving crema is quite easy without spending as much time to dial in the dose and grind. Again hardest with the light roast beans, I would stick to meduim roast. The crema for the pressurized basket is much frothier then you get with the non-pressurized basket or out of a semi-automatic espresso machine, this is because the espresso comes out in a pinpoint stream.
I have a saeco aroma semi-automatic espresso machine and my Leverpresso makes significantly better espresso. I love how portable it is too, I am a wildlife biologist and I bring the leverpresso with me in the field and literally have espresso where ever I want! It is great! It is also easy to clean and light weight, making it great for camping.
Take the time to get to know your leverpresso. Grind, bean and dose are all important to reaching the full potential of the machine. If you don't have a good grinder, use too small a dose, and don't have quality beans you won't get a tasty espresso out of any machine. Use fresh off the boil water to keep heat high as it the plastic components do have a low heat retention and heat loss can impact your espresso.
I am very happy with this product and would recommend it to anyone looking for a good value, portable manual espresso machine.

Don Savard
No Crema

We ordered the Non Pressurized and it doesn't make crema like the pressurized one.

Karen Klassen
Love it.

I bought my Leverpresso after trying my brother's. Super easy to use, delicious espresso. Initially wasn't in stock on Eight Ounce's website, but their email alert that lets you know when it's in stock was appreciated. Quick, contactless delivery - thank you!

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