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    The flavour of your water has a direct impact on the flavour of your coffee. The flavour of water is determined by the minerals and other matter present. The content of your tap water largely depends on where you live and how the water was treated. If you live near an ocean your water may have a slight sulfur smell due to the presence of sulfur producing microbes. Water taken from lakes can taste earthy from leftover plant matter and so on. The key takeaway is that any off flavours in your water before you brew your coffee are still going to be there when you're finished making it. Starting with distilled or reverse osmosis water is the best way to ensure you are starting with a clean slate when brewing coffee.

    Magnesium is the preferred source of hardness for medium roasts and is great at increasing the body and mouthfeel of coffee while also adding complexity of flavour. Magnesium is an ingredient in Lotus Water recipes as well as many roaster water recommendations.

    • Magnesium Chloride Concentrate 59ml (2oz)
    • Includes Dropper
    • Ingredients - Distilled Water and Magnesium Chloride
    • 1 drop of concentrate in 450 mL of water adds 10 ppm as CaCO3 of magnesium hardness
    • Can mineralize up to 25 gallons (95 liters) of water (assuming SCA target hardness of 70 ppm) with magnesium hardness

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Customer Reviews

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Daniel C.
Amazing Coffee, a fair price as well.

Being able to buy each bottle separate is really nice if you find a recipe you enjoy.

Great product

I have been really happy with the difference Lotus Water has made. While my tap water isn't terrible, it does contribute a sour taste to my brews that the right combination of Lotus drops seems to have eliminated. Washed Ethiopian coffees seem to have benefitted the most, as far as improving complexity of flavours. As far as hardness, I find using more Magnesium than Calcium leads to a more well-rounded taste (too much Calcium creates more of a dry texture). Recommended.

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