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LUCCA E61 Flow Control

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    Distribution Agreements: Due to our distributor agreements, we are unable to sell or ship LUCCA products to the United States of America. For customers in the U.S.A., please visit Clive Coffee to purchase LUCCA products.

    Experience ultimate control over your espresso extraction with the LUCCA E61 Flow Control device. Designed to enhance the responsiveness and precision of flow control on E61 machines like the Synchronika and LUCCA M58, this add-on brings out the true potential and flavour of your coffee.

    Developed for Clive Coffee by LUCCA, the E61 Flow Control device is the result of extensive testing and innovation. Its easy-to-use interface allows baristas to customize and experiment with every shot of espresso, adjusting water flow and pressure at the group head from 0 to 10 bar.

    Unlock a new level of extraction possibilities and achieve the perfect balance of flavours and aromas in your cup. By manipulating the flow rate and pressure during extraction, you have the power to tailor your brewing profile to suit your personal taste preferences.

    With the LUCCA E61 Flow Control, you have the ability to take your espresso brewing to new heights and explore the art of extraction. Fine-tune your techniques, experiment with different profiles, and create exquisite cups of coffee that showcase the full potential of your beans.

  • What's included:

    • Paddle
    • E61 Mushroom with Flow Control
    • E61 Manometer (LUCCA gauge)
    • Large E61 Teflon Gasket
    • Small Teflon Gasket
    • Rubber O-ring (we provide this as an extra part in the case the LUCCA gauge does not center when threading, in most cases, it won't be needed.)
    • 2mm Allen Key

    Tools Needed for installation:

    • Adjustable wrench
    • 2mm + 5mm Allen keys
    • Microfiber towel

    Compatible Machines include:

    • Bezzera Duo MN
    • ECM Mechanika V Slim
    • ECM Puristika
    • ECM Special Edition Classika PID
    • ECM Synchronika
    • LUCCA M58
    • LUCCA S58
    • LUCCA X58
    • Profitec Pro 400
    • Profitec Pro 500
    • Profitec Pro 600
    • Profitec Pro 700
    • Rocket Appartamento Serie Rossa
  • LUCCA E61 Flow Control - Installation & How It Works

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