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LUCCA WDT Tool (w/ stand)

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    Distribution Agreements: Due to our distributor agreements, we are unable to sell or ship LUCCA products to the United States of America. For customers in the U.S.A., please visit Clive Coffee to purchase LUCCA products.

    The LUCCA WDT Tool is here to revolutionize your coffee brewing experience. WDT stands for Weiss Distribution Technique, and this innovative tool is designed to ensure even distribution of coffee grounds and eliminate any clumps or boulders that may occur during the grinding process. By achieving a consistent and fluffy coffee bed, you can enjoy a superior taste in every cup.

    Crafted with precision and quality in mind, the LUCCA WDT Tool features 8 surgical-grade needles, each with a thickness of 0.4mm. These ultra-fine needles work harmoniously to distribute coffee grounds evenly, creating a level playing field for water to extract flavours with precision and uniformity.

    Say goodbye to uneven and under-extracted shots. The LUCCA WDT Tool is the ultimate solution to achieving a perfectly balanced extraction every time. By removing clumps and boulders, you can even out the density of the coffee bed and ensure that water flows through the grounds evenly, optimizing taste and aroma.

    For added convenience and cleanliness, the LUCCA WDT Tool includes a stainless steel tool stand. This stand not only keeps your WDT Tool organized and easily accessible, but it also helps maintain sanitation by keeping the needles safely stored when not in use.

    To enhance your coffee routine even further, we recommend pairing the LUCCA WDT Tool with the LUCCA Dosing Funnel. This combination helps prevent any spillage or waste, allowing for a precise and mess-free dosing experience.

    Upgrade your home barista toolkit with the LUCCA WDT Tool and unlock a whole new level of coffee extraction. Elevate your espresso game, taste the difference, and experience the exceptional quality that LUCCA brings to every brewing process.

    • Includes 8 surgical grade needles at 0.4mm thickness
    • Includes stainless steel tool stand
  • Use to perform a Weiss Distribution Technique (WDT) in your portafilter, ensuring even distribution of coffee grounds and eliminate any clumps or boulders that may occur during the grinding process.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tony M.
Great find

This WDT works very well at eliminating any clumps in the grounds. The needles are fine and flexible, and the stand is small enough not to take up space. Great find at a great price

Mark Digel
It works

It looks great and works great. The stand is a nice touch.

Great product!

Works well, and looks good with the stand. A muust have for anyone wanting a simple WDT tool.

Jason Fowler
Beautiful WDT.

Beautifully crafted, great weight in the hand, kind of over-the-top for my rig but why not. I feel like it's actually making a significant difference for getting the grinds to settle down in my 54mm Breville portafilter.
As always, Eight Ounce Coffee is a seamless customer experience. I keep going back to them and will continue to do so.

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