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Matsu Kaze Tea - Matcha Bowl – Kannyu Sui

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  • Matsu Kaze Tea has collaborated with award-winning ceramic artist Mr. Yutaka Ono to create this signature matcha bowl. “Matsu Kaze” is stamped on the base of each bowl. This matcha bowl is designed with a kannyu (crackle) glaze in pale green. The glaze made of limited natural ash that creates its elegant pale green colour called ‘Sui’, which is the traditional colour of jade and kingfisher birds. Beautiful patterns are hand-carved into the exterior base and the interior of the bowl. The fine cracks and vein-like patterns in the translucent glaze from the kannyu technique are unique for each piece. As tea seeps into the cracks the bowl will stain and change its character. It is a piece to cherish over time.

    Note: Due to their being handmade, each katakuchi matcha bowl has a slightly different in colour tone and gradation.

    • D120xH75 mm
    • Ceramic / Green Kannyu
    • No spout
    • Handmade by Mr. Yutaka Ono
    • Seto-ware, Aichi Prefecture
    • Made in Japan
    • Hand wash only
    • No soap
    • No dishwasher
    • No microwave

Customer Reviews

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This matcha bowl (chawan) is the most stunning I have ever seen. The photo does not capture the luminous translucent crackle glaze and the subtle decorative carvings of the chawan artist. So gorgeous. It is the perfect shape with a slight inward curve at the top that harnesses the aroma and warmth. Holding the bowl with both hands, drinking Matsu Kaze’s matcha, I am comforted.

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