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MELODRIP Pourover Coffee Tool

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    Get unparalleled clarity in your cup! Whether you're pouring from a gooseneck kettle or one with a wide mouth, the Melodrip Pourover Coffee Tool reduces every pour to a gentle sprinkle, giving you a beautiful low agitation pourover. You can move the Melodrip around to evenly saturate all of the coffee grounds and remove it when the time is right during the pour to balance the sweetness. A perfect pourover.

    • Available in Stainless Steel or Ghost Grey colourways
    • Includes stirring stick
    • NSF/ANSI certified food-safe
    • Parts:
      • Handle - Machined 304 stainless steel with knurled grip for optimal handling and bent to maximize visual clearance (38.2g)
      • Melodrip Dish - BPA Free Eastman Tritan TX1001 (11.8g)
      • Stirring Stick - Perfectly-sized Borosilicate glass stirring stick, optimized for eliminating dry clumping and evenly saturating without agitating the coffee slurry (6 x 150mm) (10.7g)

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews

Certainly not a necessary tool to have, but if you are bored with your routine I highly recommend it.

The most consistent "Drip Assist" tool

From my experiences so far, I am able to make really consistent, sweet cups with the Melodrip versus other tools that do a similar job. It might take some time to get used to but just like everything pour over related, practice is key.


Improved my pourover extraction % quite a bit. I use it with Orea v3 MK2 + Kalita Wave (glass and trogamid versions). Almost covers the entire diameter of the brewer. Great tool for travel as well, i.e. no need for a gooseneck kettle - it distributes the water and flow evenly even with a standard "peasant" kettle :)

Not sure yet.

The actual melodrip is exactly as advertised and came promptly. As for the function, I'm not sure. It was a gift to my son and he trying it out, but I haven't yet heard whether it is making a sufficient difference in his coffee to make it worth the fiddling (and he loves fiddling with things that make coffee better).

Josh S.
Melodrip is good

Solid tool for changing the way your pour over tastes by lowering agitation. I don’t use it everyday, bur it has been fun to experiment with.

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