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NEXTLEVEL Pulsar Brewer

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    NextLevel have joined forces with coffee-obsessed, astrophysicist Jonathan Gagné, author of The Physics of Coffee and the Coffee Ad Astra blog, to help develop, the Pulsar Brewer.

    By adding a variable flow-rate valve along with other improvements, Jonathan and the NextLevel team have improved on the innovative LVL-10 Brewer, to create the Pulsar.

    Allowing for a longer, "steeped" bloom, the adjustable valve facilitates a more efficient prewetting of the coffee grounds. Combining flow-rate control with the "no bypass" design, the Pulsar Brewer allows you to couple immersion and percolation together in creative ways that are only limited by your skill and imagination.

    Pulsar Benefits

    Flow Control
    The Pulsar brewer offers complete control over agitation and flow rate, and makes it easy to retain water during the blooming phase

    Diffused Pouring
    Start a controlled brew with a uniform wetting of the grounds with the carefully designed dispersion cap

    High Versatility
    The valve and the "no bypass" brewer design provide an unlimited number of possible combinations of immersion and percolation.

    No Water Bypass
    Eliminate the unknown amount of water bypassing the coffee bed (Easily control the strength with brew ratio)

    Heat Retention
    The combination of thermal stable plastic and dispersion cap give this brewer the advantage of higher slurry temps

    Perfect for simple 'steep-and-release' brews

    Tea Brewing
    The ideal dripper for steep and release tea brewing, such as Gong-fu, a traditional Chinese method of making tea

    Made in the USA
    All parts manufactured in the United States of America!

    • Made in the U.S.A.
    • Materials:
      • Base and Cap Ring: Soft-Touch, Food Safe TPE
      • Dispersion Cap, Barrel and Filter Support: Durable BPA Free Tritan® Copolyester
    • 100 premium, paper filters included
    • Perfect brewing solution for camping and travel
  • NextLevel Pulsar Brewer - Suggested Recipes

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Keely R.
Best Brewer Ever

The versatility and personalization in brewing is amazing! I have not had a bad cup! ARAMSE on Youtube has a great video with a variety of recipes. The best brewer I have ever used.


I have been enjoying the brewer since I received mine.

Go coarser.

Have been experimenting with this new brewer. So far no bad cups though the ones with a coarser grind give a fuller flavor.

mitchell goodman
2nd Pulsar Brewer !

The Pulsar has replaced my V60 and Stagg X for daily use.
It's consistently been making the sweetest and best tasting coffee I think i have ever had.

Bradley N
Best brewer ever, seriously

This is the best filter coffee brewer I've ever used, of any kind. The cups are consistent, sweet, bursting with flavor, and perfection can be achieved with less coffee than other methods, saving money on expensive beans. Wonderful product all around. It's even easy to clean!

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