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NUCLEUS Link Coffee Roaster (120V)

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    Unlock a new level of coffee roasting with the Nucleus Link. Designed to connect the coffee community with modern technology, this innovative roaster is perfect for those seeking accurate and honest expression in their small-batch coffee roasting.

    With the Nucleus Link, no prior experience is necessary. Customize your roast to perfection, whether you prefer a simple profile or a more complex one. Explore a wide range of profiles to choose from, allowing you to achieve the exact roast you desire.

    Connect wirelessly via the Link App to fully utilize density tube integration and select your desired process and variety. Rely on your mobile device to aid you in custom-built profiling as you navigate the roasting experience. The Link App empowers you to take control and create your own unique roasting profile.

    Portability is key with the Nucleus Link. Its military-grade and water-resistant travel case make it the perfect companion for coffee enthusiasts on the go. Evaluate samples anytime, anywhere, and experience true coffee expression wherever your adventures take you.

    The Nucleus Link takes an advanced approach to temperature application, bringing precision and consistency to your roasting experience. Each roast starts at room temperature, with the internal bean temperature matching the ambient roast temperature right from the beginning. This results in a more even roast, lower sample CO2 levels, and allows you to taste the full potential of your coffee much earlier in the process.

    The Nucleus Link also features fan speed calibration, allowing you to select the most suitable setting for your current location. This ensures that the core profiling system operates smoothly and efficiently regardless of external conditions or elevation.

    Monitor your roast in real-time with the Link Studio software. With a comprehensive selection of over 205 core profiles and advanced live tracking technology, you have the flexibility to customize your profile preferences. Effortlessly monitor and document modifications throughout the entire roasting process, taking full control of your roasting experience.

    Explore the versatile world of coffee roasting with the Nucleus Link. Download the Link App from the Google App Store or Apple App Store and unleash the full potential of your beans. Take your coffee roasting skills to new heights and join the Nucleus community today!

    • Dimensions: W120mm x L120mm x H450mm (W4.72in x L4.72in x 17.72in)
    • Material:
      • Powder coated steel roast unit with plastic fittings (Nylon PA66)
      • Aluminium roast chamber
      • Double layer borosilicate glass hopper, with plastic (Nylon PA66) moulded body parts and replaceable silicone seal
    • NOT Waterproof
  • NUCLEUS Link Coffee Roaster (120V) - User Manual (English)

    NUCLEUS Link Coffee Roaster (120V) - User Manual (Español)

    NUCLEUS Link App - Google Play Store

    NUCLEUS Link App - Apple App Store

    NUCLEUS Link Studio - Windows

    NUCLEUS Link Studio - Mac

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Customer Reviews

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Excellent Roaster

So far I’ve done about 30 roasts, ranging from 50-100g. I’ve run profiles for both pour over and espresso. There are tons of profiles available for cupping, filter, espresso and multipurpose (Omni). The profiles are selected based on bean density using the app (you download) and the included density tube. The profiles mostly on first try have identify the correct first crack time and if not by marking first crack in the software (I’m running on MacBook) the development time gets adjusted for that roast and then for the next roast the profile can be corrected by using the advanced feature in the app.

Overall the coffee has been well roasted, very even roasts. I’m new to coffee roasting and am still working on my bean preferences and roast levels and %’s to get the perfect cup but I’ve made some great coffee.

The chaff is collected in the chaff collector and it does a good job at collecting it all. It’s super easy to empty and can do back to back roasts as the unit has a quick cool down process to cool the beans.

Overall I am super happy with the unit. There are a couple of solid YouTube channels with reviews and step by step videos on doing roasts. I’ve also messaged Nucleus directly to ask questions. One particular YouTube channel describes how to amend the profiles to do 200g batches. The unit is said to be capable of doing 200g batches but the stored profiles were established for 50-100g sample roasts.

I debated between this and the Nano but decided on the Link given the ease of use.

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