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NUCLEUS Paragon Espresso Chilling Rock (6-Pack)

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    Paragon Espresso Chilling Rocks are specifically designed for use with nucleus Paragon Espresso Mounts and will capture the most available volatile aroma compounds during extraction. These chilling rocks have five unique features that optimize the full potential of extract chilling.

    1. High density liquid filled core provides higher heat capacity. Maintaining colder temperature for longer, compared to hollow or water filled alternatives.
    2. Unique spherical shape that allows the coffee extract to flow and chill evenly.
    3. 30mm (1.18in) diameter that rapidly chills the extract liquid over a large surface area.
    4. Titanium coating for increased durability.
    5. Food-grade 304 grade stainless steel.

    The design of the Paragon Espresso Mount, in conjunction with nucleus's unique Paragon Espresso Chilling Rocks, maximizes the capture of volatile aroma compounds in your espresso. For example, what we may think of as jasmine is, in fact, a combination of different aroma volatile compounds coming together and reminding us of jasmine. This innovative brewing device retains up to 40% more volatile aroma compounds maximizing your beverage's flavour potential.

    This pack contains 6 Paragon Espresso Chilling Rocks, enough to keep a party rockin'.

    • Includes 6 x Paragon Chilling Rocks
    • Size: ⌀30mm (⌀1.18in)
    • Material: Titanium coated, 304 grade stainless steel outer with a gel liquid filled core
  • Paired with a Paragon Espresso Mount, place on your cup, under the flow of your espresso extraction to help retain up to 40% more volatile aroma compounds, resulting in more flavourful espresso.

    NUCLEUS Paragon Espresso Chilling Rock - Product Sheet

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