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OPAL One Coffee Capsule Machine (120V)

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    The OPAL One is the first machine specifically designed to brew specialty coffee pods. Developed in collaboration with three time UK Barista Champion Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood, the OPAL One combines technological know-how with leading coffee-industry expertise, offering the most accessible and convenient way to enjoy high-quality, expertly roasted coffee.

    OPAL One's Intelligent flow rate and a unique silicone brewing chamber mean even extraction. No leaks and no diluted, watery espresso. With higher temperature and pressure options than other pod machines, the OPAL One offers a truer, fuller-bodied brew every time. OPAL One's fully adjustable temperature and dosing controls mean coffee connoisseurs can get the very best from their coffee.

    Most pods and machines rely on low quality, dark roasted coffee which gives up its flavours easily at low temperatures and low pressure. The result is often an overly bitter drink without any of coffee's subtleties. With OPAL One's specialty coffee programming you can enjoy lighter roasted coffee with more complex flavour profiles.

    OPAL One's adjustable settings allow you to make your coffee exactly as you like it. Follow roasters' recipe recommendations for different pods, enabling truly customized brews. Enjoy nuanced, aromatic coffee, exactly as the roaster intended.

    Customizable Settings Choose the pre-programmed ristretto (25ml), espresso (40ml) or lungo (110ml) options or set your own. The OPAL One's easily customized settings mean you can perfectly personalize your coffee to suit your preferences, or the roaster's recommendations.
    Adjustable Temperature Specialty coffees and lighter roasts usually require higher brewing temperatures than most pod machines can achieve to extract all the goodness from the coffee. With the OPAL One you can switch between three temperature settings to make sure your coffee tastes exactly as it should.
    Higher Pressure OPAL's silicone brewing chamber is specially engineered to avoid leaks and unwanted dilution of your coffee. The OPAL One's higher pressure brew-mechanism delivers a fuller bodied, stronger coffee that's closer to barista-prepared espresso than any pod machine before.
    800ml Water Tank A comparatively large water tank for this compact machine means you can keep brewing for longer. When you do need to, it’s easily removed making for convenient refilling and cleaning.

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    • Dimensions: L365 x W118 x H250mm (L14.4 x W4.6 x H9.8in)
    • Weight: 3500g (124oz)
    • Water Tank Capacity: 800ml (27oz)
    • Electricity: AC110V 50-60Hz 1260W
    • Max Pressure: 19 bar
  • OPAL One - User Manual

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