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Porlex Band

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A replacement (or spare) band for the Porlex Mini coffee grinder.

Customer Reviews

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This band fits very snugly on the body of the grinder and absolutely improves the grip. It's also very handy for keeping the handle attached to the body when you're moving!

David C.
Handier than I thought

Initially $15 dollars seemed a bit much for what looked to be "just" a rubber band. As others have mentioned this item absolutely improves your grip and thanks to the bulge in the band (that holds the crank) you can set your grinder down on its side and not need to worry about it rolling away. To me that alone makes this band worth the money and keeping the crank handy is just an added benefit.

A Must-Have

Good snug fit on the Porlex Tall. I suppose they include the band on the Mini model because it allows the handle to be kept with the grinder for travel, but the added grip from the band is so helpful when grinding beans. Definitely get this if you have a Porlex Tall.

George R.
Helps so much

I honestly don't know why they ship the grinder without the band. Holding on to the bare metal just doesn't give you enough grip. The band is such a simple solution and it works really well, I can grind much faster and have less fatigue in my hand doing so. I was so happy when I found the band here and recommend it to anyone that has the Prolex grinder.

Angela L.

I love this band ... holds my handle snuggly and gives me great non-slip grip while I'm grinding. In fact I'm so thrilled with it that I bought another one from you guys for a friend of mine who has a Porlex as well and she loves it too!

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