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    This Precise Brew filter is ideal for PERCOLATION and IMMERSION BREW METHODS like the CLEVER DRIPPER / BONAVITA / MOCCAMASTER / MELITTA devices.

    Made from recycled material and 100% recyclable. Precise Brew filters are woven from a proprietary polymer fiber and are reusable up to 1000 times!

    Precise Brew uses specialized equipment to ensure the same thickness along the entire length of each fiber, which is then woven with absolute consistency to provide a superior quality fabric with symmetry and strength.

    The Precise Brew filter is available in four weave options, with precisely-sized openings, to support every device and extraction method:

    • 20μm (microns): contribute to greater acidity (more acids)
    • 25μm (microns): enriches the body (more oils)
    • Impulse: balances the intensity of its acidity and its texture
    • Cold Brew Booster (Speed up the cold extraction process)

    The Precise Brew #4 Filter is available as singles in the following three sizes:

    • 20μm
    • 25μm
    • Impulse

    Or buy ALL three in one package.

  • 20 Reasons to Buy Precise Brew Filters
    1. Reusable / High Durability
    2. No Chlorine Smell
    3. Gentle to Your Coffee
    4. Flow Brew Management
    5. Effective Filtration
    6. Unfit for Bacteria
    7. Easy Cleaning
    8. Fast Removal of Contaminants
    9. Easy to Use
    10. Economical
    11. Recycled Material
    12. Low Carbon Footprint
    13. Long Use Life (up to 1000 uses)
    14. Extraction Efficiency
    15. Different Filter Weaves for Differing Brew Results
    16. Single & Uniform Screen With Very Small Pores
    17. Wider & Accurate Open Surface
    18. Fine Level of Filtration 20μm
    19. Water Resistant
    20. For Hot & Cold brew
  • PRECISE BREW Filters - Unpacking & User Guide
    PRECISE BREW Filters - Maintenance Instructions

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Not bad

The 25-micron version, rich in oils, has a fast flow of coffee liquor and is very good at avoiding over-extraction.
However, due to the creases on both sides, this filter paper does not fit your filter cup very well, and I am not sure if this will improve after several uses.
4.5 /5

Maya K.
easy to use, ordering more

I picked up an impulse filter and am very happy! I have been using an aero press but want to try different brew styles, but kind of dreading having to have a ton of different stuff, so finding something that is easy to use and clean is great. I like acidic coffees so I plan to order a 25 micron filter to see how it changes the body.

Scott B.
Great for going wasteless

I’m new to the thoughtful brewing scene. I wanted to use less waste in my process. The staff at 8oz heard my wants and offered this over a cloth filter.
I’m very glad this was what I bought.
After a bit of a struggle to get it to seat in my clever dripper nicely, the filter has performed nicely. It does allow a small amount of “sludge” through that paper catches.
Overall I’m quite happy, especially once it took on the shape of my brewer.
Will use it if I expand beyond my current set up.

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