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PRECISE BREW V60-02 Filters

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    This Precise Brew filter is ideal for pourover brew methods like the HARIO V60-02, ORIGAMI M & TIAMO 02 devices.

    Made from recycled material and 100% recyclable. Precise Brew filters are woven from a proprietary polymer fiber and are reusable up to 1000 times!

    Precise Brew uses specialized equipment to ensure the same thickness along the entire length of each fiber, which is then woven with absolute consistency to provide a superior quality fabric with symmetry and strength.

    The Precise Brew filter is available in four weave options, with precisely-sized openings, to support every device and extraction method:

    • 20μm (microns): contribute to greater acidity (more acids)
    • 25μm (microns): enriches the body (more oils)
    • Impulse: balances the intensity of its acidity and its texture
    • Cold Brew Booster (Speed up the cold extraction process)

    The Precise Brew V60-02 Filter is available as singles in the following three sizes:

    • 20μm
    • 25μm
    • Impulse

    Or buy ALL three in one package.

  • 20 Reasons to Buy Precise Brew Filters
    1. Reusable / High Durability
    2. No Chlorine Smell
    3. Gentle to Your Coffee
    4. Flow Brew Management
    5. Effective Filtration
    6. Unfit for Bacteria
    7. Easy Cleaning
    8. Fast Removal of Contaminants
    9. Easy to Use
    10. Economical
    11. Recycled Material
    12. Low Carbon Footprint
    13. Long Use Life (up to 1000 uses)
    14. Extraction Efficiency
    15. Different Filter Weaves for Differing Brew Results
    16. Single & Uniform Screen With Very Small Pores
    17. Wider & Accurate Open Surface
    18. Fine Level of Filtration 20μm
    19. Water Resistant
    20. For Hot & Cold brew
  • PRECISE BREW Filters - Unpacking & User Guide
    PRECISE BREW Filters - Maintenance Instructions

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
So far so good

I bought this as a gift for someone who is used to only drinking French press. From what I've heard, they are enjoying it very much and are making V60 a lot more often now because of the oily and full bodied results this filter produces. They also claim that the cups are a lot cleaner with less sediment, allowing the flavours to shine through better than brewing French press. Keep in mind, their grinder produces a lot of fines, which likely contributes to the French press being a little gritty. Again, this was a gift and I am only going off of what I have heard, but I intend to buy some soon to try out myself!

If you enjoy Sibarist/cloth filters...

Try these out. They have a similar drawdown time to Sibarist filters (e.g. if Sibarist has a complete drawdown of 1 min, these will be 1 min and 6 seconds, while a regular Hario filter might be 3 mins). The pore size and density will be different than a Sibarist, producing a different brew - closer to a cloth filtered coffee without any of the difficulty of maintenance. Brews have been clean and rich, while cleaning the filter has been pretty easy.

I've used each weave about 20 times each, so I can't speak to the claim of it being reusable 1000 times. However, I haven't noticed any deterioration in these 20 uses. If the claim is true, then these are a great cost-effective alternative to Sibarist filters (if a quick and delicious brew is the aim).

The only complaint I have is that the first couple uses require what the company calls 'ironing' - basically using hot water to mold the filter so it fits the dripper and sticks to the walls. This makes the first two uses a tad bit more annoying than a paper filter, but should make it perfect for the next 998 uses.

The differences between the different weave sizes are not likely to be consequential to most people. I can't find any info on the matter, but based on my uses, I am under the impression that the Impulse weave size is 50% 20um pores and 50% 25um holes. If you are only going to select one, the pair of pennies of this internet stranger is to go for 25um. You are not missing out on anything radically different compared to the 20um and you are getting a slightly faster flow rate (I.e. you are getting your coffee faster).

I highly recommend these.

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