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RATIO Eight Dripper

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    The team at Ratio designed the Ratio Eight Dripper to be all that you want a dripper to be - functional, reliable, and attractive. The sturdy, thick porcelain walls help the brewer to maintain top-notch temperature stability. The outside of the dripper features a matte black finish, while the inside has a high gloss finish to prevent coffee stains from taking away from its beauty. The design of the base gives you the flexibility to use the dripper with the Ratio Eight Thermal Carafe for brewing larger batches of filter, or on a mug for single-cup brewing.

    The Ratio Eight Dripper also pairs nicely with the Ratio Eight Catcher. After you finish pouring a stellar brew, set the Dripper on the Catcher so you can drink your coffee and read the paper and do the composting of your grounds and filter after. The Dripper uses Chemex paper filters and works well with the Able Kone. If you've never used an Able Kone, the stainless steel filter makes a delicious, full-bodied cup of coffee.

    • Thick Porcelain Ceramic
    • ⌀136 x H93mm (⌀5.4 x H3.7in)
    • Designed to Accompany Ratio Thermal Carafe or as a Stand Alone Dripper for Manual Pourover
    • Compatible with Chemex Paper Filters or Able Kone
    • Dishwasher Safe
    1. Place Filter in Ratio Dripper
    2. Pre-wet Filter with Hot Water to Remove any Paper Taste
    3. Add Desired Amount of Ground Coffee and Tap or Shake to Level Coffee Bed
    4. Place Dripper on Top of Thermal Carafe
    5. Place Dripper and Carafe on Ratio Brewing Platform
    6. Start Brew Cycle
    7. Enjoy!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
A great dripper and addition

I got this to go with the thermal carafe for my ratio six. I love this dripper, even to brew a regular pour over it provides some amazing results. It looks stunning as well, this shade of black is just perfect.

alfred king

This is my second filter and dripper for the Ratio Eight. This way one set is in use and the other being washed, as opposed to taking one out of the dishwasher and hurrying to fill it with grounds. The slight excess cost is well worth it in convenience.

Travis Barrett

Such a great addition to my kitchen. I love making coffee with it.

Karl Baldrate

Not much can be said about a dripper. It is designed and made well and produces a great cup of pour-over coffee. I bought two of them to replace the one I broke. Better safe than sorry.

Matthew M.

This dripper and able cone combo is great. Looks great as well.

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