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Ratio Thermal Carafe with Porcelain Dripper

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The Ratio Thermal Carafe with Porcelain Dripper combines elegant design, quality manufacturing, and easy use. Combine with the Ratio Eight for the premier automatic brewing experience or use as a standalone pour-over set.

Customer Reviews

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Gerry P.

From the first brew years back I’ve been delighted with my ratio 8
Having the thermal carafe and porcelain dropper has only improved the experience.

David Zsolcsak

Not a lot of clearance between the top of the dripper and the shower head. It can be a bit of a challenge to get the dripper in with a chemex filter with coffee grounds.

That being said it works very well with what seems to be a better pass through rate than the glass carafe.

Kylee Russell

We absolutely love this addition to our ratio 8. Although I do feel for the price tag it should just come with one of these, I got mine for New year's sale and it was worth every penny.

Alysa Sheridan

Well made. I wish the the whites weren’t all different colors. The dripper, the carafe and machine all are different finishes. But, this is way more practical than the glass, which cracked with the gentlest bump against the the machine base. Plus it keeps the coffee hot.

Annie Rzepiela

This is a nice hefty carafe. Husband and I do manual pour over drip coffee from a small filter cone with paper and fresh ground coffee, oftentimes direct into our cups. We wanted a thermal carafe to keep the extra pour over coffee warm or in the case that one person got up before the other, could make coffee for themselves and leave a cup to stay warm. This carafe keeps the coffee very warm for a pretty long time. Great if you are having guests to share with too. The only thing I might like is a window to see into the carafe to check the liquid level. We can use our plastic Melitta filter cone on this or the ceramic one that came with it. Expensive unit, but well worth it. I use this independent of an automatic coffee maker. Looks nice on the counter with our grinder and hot pot! Looked at it for a long time, glad I made the leap and spent up.

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