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SAINT ANTHONY INDUSTRIES BT Wedge Espresso Distribution Tool

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    The BT Wedge Coffee Distribution Tool will greatly improve the quality and consistency of your espresso. Higher quality espresso means higher quality of life, right? Maybe. The proprietary wedge shape evenly distributes ground coffee in your portafilter basket without prematurely compressing it. The BT's depth can easily be adjusted by twisting the center spacer, and the high polish base eliminates coffee retention to the tool - keeping the espresso in the basket where it belongs. Made from precision machined stainless steel and inlaid with your choice of American hardwoods and finishes, this tool works great and looks great on your coffee bar.

    A Little History on the BT Distribution Wedge

    The Wedge was originally designed by Mr. Il Seon Jeon of Seoul Korea. Mr. Jeon is the owner operator of the progressive Gabae Mihon coffee bar in Seoul. He was an early admirer of the well known OCD tool and the core concepts behind it. However, he had ideas to push the concept further. Mr. Jeon was focused on two elements for improvement.

    1. Minimize the pre-tamping of the coffee prior to proper ground distribution.
    2. Eliminate ground retention on the distributor tool itself.

    In February 2016, Mr. Jeon conceived the idea of the wedge shape distribution tool. He built and refined prototypes and soon found the high polish wedge shape to work remarkably well. He sent prototypes to Australia for friends and critics to evaluate. Needing to compete with the tools already on the market that had copied his design, he decided that he would introduce a version of the wedge shape distribution tool that was superior in design and build quality to all currently available models. This is when Mr. Jeon contacted Saint Anthony Industries and proposed that SAI take his proprietary wedge shape design and incorporate SAI's design aesthetic and material aesthetic to make a distribution tool that is second to none. After thoroughly testing the wedge shape design, SAI found it to be a highly effective tool. And we like it a lot.

    • 58mm Wedge - Actual Diameter 58.30mm (2.295inches) - Designed for use with precision baskets
    • 53mm Wedge - Actual Diameter 53.30mm (2.098inches)
    • Adjustable Depth: 3mm - 14mm
    • Made from Stainless Steel and American Hardwood or Teflon
    1. Adjust the Wedge to the Proper Depth
    2. Grind a Shot of your Favourite Espresso
    3. Slightly Level Coffee Grounds with a few Knocks or Taps
    4. Place Wedge on Portafilter and Give a few Gentle Spins
    5. Remove Wedge and Admire the Lovely Level Basket
    6. Tamp with New Levy Tamp and Insert Portafilter in Group Head and Pull Shot
    7. Watch the Channel-Free Even Extraction
    8. Give your Espresso a Stir
    9. Enjoy!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Taylor B.
Works great

I like this tool very much. Has a nice weight to it and feels nice in the hand. Works as intended and fit the e&b labs super fine and the Big Bang filter baskets great. Would’ve bought the palm tamper as well but it wasn’t in stock.

A bit narrow

Works pretty well but the grinds get stuck on the sides and makes a bit of a mess

Mark M.
A lifetime keeper

I received great advice from the team to use this distributor before using a tamper. And the Saint Anthony Industries BT distribution tool is just amazing. The weight alone is solid, its easy to use and extremely precise. I would highly recommend without a doubt. Excellent.


I replaced my OCD due to coffee grounds sticking to the surface of the OCD during use. The Saint Anthony Industries BT distribution tool is a step up from my previous tool. Coffee does not cling to the polished surface and the weight of the tool feels good when using. The tool works well.

A highly effective, precisely crafted, expertly honed tool that will likely outlive me.

Because I've spent years refining my roasting, measuring, grinding, initial distribution, tamping, and extracting techniques, I was skeptical about the benefits of using a chisel redistribution-leveler tool. Never expected this to make a noticeable difference, but it does. Taste is my only guide when changing/adding to techniques. Used correctly, this tool virtually guarantees even puck density for flawless tamps, resulting in dependably even extractions and more balanced, enhanced bean flavours. Calibrating the chisel is crucial: if the base depth is too shallow, the grind is pulled instead of leveled, resulting in increased air pockets and channeling even after tamping. If the base depth is too deep, there isn't enough sideways movement and they're instead pushed downward, resulting in uneven puck density. An accurately set chisel base depth provides just the right amount of downward and sideways redistribution while still allowing additional downward compression during the tamping stage. The quality and craftsmanship of the BT Wedge is absolutely superb.

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