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SAINT ANTHONY INDUSTRIES P70 Dual Wall Filters (100-Pack)

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    The P70 dual wall filters are perfectly symmetrical creating even extraction. The unique structure allows for optimal flow rate with no residual paper taste. The taller, narrower brew column extracts fully by elongating the brew path and increasing the water to coffee contact.

    For use with Saint Anthony Industries Phoenix 70, C70 and G70 brewers.

    • Pack of 100 Paper Filters
    • Designed to work with the Phoenix 70, C70 and G70 brewers
    • Perfectly symmetrical
    • Two layers
    • Thin structure that allows for faster flow
    1. Place a filter in the dripper
    2. Pre-wet the filter and discard the water
    3. Add your freshly ground coffee and start brewing

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Customer Reviews

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I'm all about experimenting with pour over devices and this filter helps with that. So happy to have found these.

Finally, a pre-folded filter!

After using the unfolded filters for some time I was happy to switch to this. Although the folding was never a huge hassle, the old filters seem much thinner and less sturdy. These are much more stout and seem to filter the coffee much more efficiently. If you're currently using the unfolded model give these a try, you'll find them much more efficient and have more time to enjoy your coffee!

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