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SIBARIST FAST Specialty Coffee Filters

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    FAST Specialty Coffee filters are designed to let the flavour of your coffee stand alone, with no paper flavour and as little impact on the coffee's flavours as possible. FAST uses an incredible paper made from Abacá Plant Fibre, the strongest natural plant fibre, which allows for a thinner paper with the same structural integrity of other thicker paper filters. So now you can brew faster at a finer grind, getting a higher extraction without worrying about choking your brew.

    With FAST you can rediscover coffees. Reinvent your coffee brewing recipes to bring out the uniqueness of each coffee, with new flavour profiles and cup characteristics. FAST is the ideal filter for experimentation in the search for the best possible extraction.

    Sibarist is devoting the same care and attention to the filter that goes into obtaining an exceptional coffee. Paying attention to detail throughout the whole supply chain, from the origin of the raw material on estates and plantations to its local processing and manufacture in Barcelona. Reflecting the values and standards that characterize Specialty Coffee by focusing on quality above quantity. The whole process of making filters is reflected in the cup, in the form of possibilities, irregularities, aromas and flavours. FAST is all about measuring up to the highest quality. FAST is made in Barcelona to be able to guarantee the quality, uniformity and traceability of the entire process.

    • Available in CONE, FLAT and DISC styles in various sizes
    • CONE filters are compatible with cone-shaped drippers, like the Hario V60
      • CONE S - V60-01
      • CONE M - V60-02
      • CONE XL - V60-03
    • FLAT filters are compatible with flat-bed drippers, like the Kalita Wave
    • DISC filters are 63mm in diameter and are suitable for compatible, Moka pots (3-6 cups) and immersion and press coffee makers, like the AeroPress Original, AeroPress Go and AeroPress Clear.
    • Available in packs of 25 or 100 filters
    • Material: 100% Abacá Plant Fibre from controlled plantations
    • Made in Barcelona, Spain
  • Sibarist - FLAT FAST Filters - User Guide
  • Sibarist - FAST Filters - Product Brochure

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
jay h.
fast and consistent

faster then the other filters
and consistent
not that fast compare to april filter especially at finer side
and a bit more oil then regular paper filters

A step up for filter coffee

By switching to the Sibarist filters from the standard Hario filters (V60-02), I've been able to grind finer than I was previously able to and getting a sweeter cup as a result. They're pricey but for me they're worth it, and will likely continue to be my standard filter in the future.

David W.
A bit costly but worth it for nice beans

For me it's a bit much for everyday use but occasionally with nice beans I would always turn to these to really bring the flavour out

Chris B.
Great filters

As noted many times before, these are very quick draw down filters, and definitely allows a fine grind used than the standard Hario V60 filters. A bit pricey but worth it for non daily drinking beans.

Michal Pawluczyk
Great filters

Very fast filters. Can go much finer in grind size and not stall so adjust recipes accordingly.

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