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    The typical flat bottom brewer amplifies the natural sweetness of your coffee, while conical brewers (like a V60) tend to highlight more of the complexity and bring out a bit more acidity. The SIMPLIFY brewer walks the narrow line between these two worlds, so no more struggling to decide which aspect of the coffee you want the most before you can even start brewing.

    The SIMPLIFY brewer is designed to minimize contact between filter and brewer, so no water passes through the filter without going through the coffee bed. Combine that with a large 40mm drain hole and high airflow and you get a brewer that's forgiving, ultra consistent, and will extract more from your coffee in less time - especially helpful if you just bought a washed Ethiopian coffee that you just know would need a coarser grind to avoid stalling in a V60.

    • Ultra minimal brewer contact
    • High flow 40mm output
    • Accelerated flow thanks to ample amounts of airflow
    • Unique pseudo double wall structure to maintain your temperature
    • BPA free Tritan™ by Eastman Chemical, a transparent copolyester, which is perfect for brewers
    • Made in Japan
    • Kalita 185 filters are both compatible and recommended
  • Recipe Name: Delicate & Tea-like

    • Temp: ~95°C
    • Ratio: 1:15.3 (15g coffee - 230ml water)
    • Total time: 1:30 - 2:00
    • Grind size: if the time is over 2:00 grind coarser; faster than 1:30 grinder finer (~ 2.0 on a Fellow ODE grinder)
    • Technical output: TDS-1.19 // PE-15.55
    1. 1st pour @ 0sec - 230ml (230ml centre pour , aim to finish pouring at 0:30)
    2. Finish brew between 1:30-2:00

    Recipe Name: Full Bodied & Syrupy

    • Temp: ~95°C
    • Ratio: 1:15 (20g coffee - 300ml water)
    • Total time: 2:45 - 3:15
    • Grind size: if the time is over 3:15 grind coarser; faster than 2:45 grinder finer (~ 4.0 on a Fellow ODE grinder)
    • Technical output: TDS-1.41 // PE-17.7
    1. 1st pour @ 0sec - 60ml (50ml circle pour ⭕, then 10ml centre pour )
    2. 2nd pour @ 0:30 - 160ml (80ml circle pour ⭕, 20ml centre pour , aim to finish pouring at 1:00)
    3. 3rd pour @ 1:30 - 300ml (120ml circle pour ⭕, 20ml centre pour , aim to finish pouring at 2:10)
    4. Finish brew between 2:45-3:15

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Josh S.
Simple to use

As the name implies, it is simple to use. This is my go to office brewer. I love how easy it is to make great coffee. It’s unfussy- it allows me to make a consistently great cup when on the go.


It is a fun a little brewer. Love how it looks, brews, and the overall feel.

rosangel k.
love it!!!!

I love this device. It is super practical, without complications. you get a very nice cup. Easy to clean and that it uses a filter that you can buy in many places is a success.

Paul G.
Ok not great

I gave it 3 out of 5, and it's not really a fair review, but since you asked, I replied. I only brewed one cup with it, because my notes at the time say "taste just ok." I found the coffee had a harsh undertone and was somewhat astringent. Someone on the internet had suggested grinding at 14 clicks with a Comandante C40 for this brewer, and that's only a couple of clicks above espresso grind. I think that was too fine a grind for me, and noted that on my next cup use 20 clicks; however, I never brewed another cup, as I'm using an April v2 dripper with April filter, and using the number of C40 clicks suggested by April and I'm really enjoying its cups! Also, I am not in any hurray in the mornings, so 1-pour method not important to me. So basically, insufficient use, receipe not really dialed in. I like it when instructions give a relatable grind size reference, like Comandante clicks, and this was not done, and I guess I pulled 14 clicks from an unreliable source. I am also currently dialing in an Origami which can use Kalita filters or v60 filters. I have to compare the Simplify with other brewers that I'm not using. I see from other reviewers, I'm the odd man out, and they talk about your receipe, but do not recall who mentioned 14 clicks. If that was you, that was too fine for me.

Felix W.

I’m absolutely fall in love with this device, easy to use, elegant to just look at it !
Best of all it’s made my morning cup of coffee delicious !

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