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Sinonimo Essentials

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  • The best espresso machines are beautiful, timeless, and durable. We often wonder why accessories aren't. Well, Sinonimo stopped asking and started designing. Based in San Francisco, California, these espresso-obsessed industrial designers created a collection of espresso tools that focus on the experience, appearance, and function of the espresso ritual at home and in the office.

    Now your bar tools can stack up to the rest of your espresso experience, with Sinonimo Essentials, a carefully crafted set that includes a funnel, knock box, knock box cover, tamper, and tamp station. The knock box and tamp station are super durable, made of unibody aluminum that is die-casted, post machined, polished, and fortified with a liquid-powder hybrid coating to prevent from chipping when hit by a stainless steel portafilter. The tamper and funnel incorporate stainless steel that undergoes Class A polishing and super fine brushing. Even the knock box cover is thoughtfully constructed with a beautiful oak finish and hydrophobic coating that withstand exposure to heat and liquid. Experience the ritual with Sinonimo Essentials.

    Natural Oak handle and knockbox cover colour and grain may differ from photos. Both the handle and cover are made of real oak so the grain and colour can be different from one cut to the next, even when they are from the same tree. That is part of the beauty of natural Oak.

    • Compatible with 58mm Portafilters
    • Materials:
      • Stainless Steel Funnel
      • Aluminum Knockbox and Cork Knock Pole with Hydrophobic Coating
      • Oak Knockbox Cover with Hydrophobic Coating
      • Oak and Stainless Steel Tamper
      • Aluminium and Cork Tamp Station
  • Caring for Sinonimo Essentials:

    For light clean, just give it a wipe with dry cloth or paper towel. For wet clean we recommend to use water with detergent and a sponge and dry with a cloth. To extend the life of the oak and cork, for the cork knob and oak cap avoid full water immersion and dry quickly. The cork nob from the knock-box can be removed manually for a better cleaning. Do not use dishwasher or use any abrasive scrub on Sinonimo Essentials.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Gillian S.
Very happy with this product

Super useful and very sleek looking. Worth the cost.

nice and compact and discreet

Love the minimalist aesthetics of this product. It's compact enough to go in a small nook on my coffee station. Definitely seems pricey at first, but it is very well made, and the tamper, tamping station, and knock box would cost more if bought separately

Mark Woolstencroft


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