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SSP 64mm Multi Purpose (MP) Flat Brew Burrs (Red Speed Coated)

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    This highly coveted burr set created by Hanung Lee is now available for your Fellow ODE or Acaia Orbit! This specific SSP burr is coated with a titanium aluminum carbon nitride 'red speed' coating, which increases its lifespan 5 times longer than your standard burr set. It will require a break-in of 5-10 lbs of coffee before producing its optimal grind because of said coating. Even though these burrs are capable of grinding for finer brews (roughly 200 microns finer than the ODE 1.1 burr set), they are not made or covered by warranty for espresso grinding. To maintain your warranty please read the Install and Calibrate SSP MP Burrs in a Fellow Ode guide.

    • Materials:
      • Stainless steel
      • Titanium aluminum carbon nitride coating (Red Speed)
    • Compatibility:
      • Fellow Ode
      • Acaia Orbit
      • Option-O Lagom P64
      • Mazzer Super Jolly
      • Mazzer Mini-E
      • Ceado E5P
      • Ceado E6P
      • Ceado E37J
      • Anfim Caimano
      • ECM
      • Lagom P64
      • DF64
    • Lifespan: 4000-5000kg (8818-11023lbs)
  • Please refer to your specific grinder's manufacturer's documentation for installing and calibrating burrs.

    For Fellow Ode grinders, you may find the following guide and video useful.

    Install and Calibrate SSP MP Burrs in a Fellow Ode

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Adds a lot of clarity

Really love these burrs. I haven't tried the stock Gen 2 burrs, but after seasoning, these burrs produce profoundly consistent cups.

Fits in my gen 1 ode!

I'm genuinely happy that it fit my gen 1 ode (my serial number in digits 12-14 is 204). The clarity on these burrs is night and day when comparing it to the gen 1 burrs. I did align the burrs using the marker methods so I recommend doing that when installing your burrs. I was personally a little hesitant getting these as I wasn't sure if it was going to fit since fellow said it won't fit but when I asked eightounce they said it would fit, i'm so glad I went for it.

Also shout out to eightounce for being amazing! I requested stickers to be added to my order because these burrs were my own birthday present and I mostly added it just for laughs and didn't think anyone would actually read the request. They gave me stickers and wrote a personal message for me which made my day! I've been ordering from eightounce for a while and I'm always happy with my order.

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