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    The revolutionary Subminimal NanoFoamer PRO is a hands-free microfoam milk maker that creates the smoothest microfoam imaginable at the push of a button. Perfect for milk and plant-based alternatives, thanks to the three included flow controllers. Make yourself a barista-quality cappuccino without an espresso machine steam wand.

    A premium cafe-quality cappuccino is now within reach regardless of how you prepare your espresso; handheld, lever, pod machine, automatic, AeroPress, mocha pot, or whichever espresso maker you love. The only talent you need to hone is your latte art pouring technique.

    Speed up your workflow by synchronizing your milk heating and foaming alongside your espresso preparation so both are ready simultaneously. This ensures your espresso crema is still intact when your microfoam is ready.

    Handy Size
    The NanoFoamer PRO is small enough to pour latte art directly. For super detailed latte art designs, simply transfer the microfoamed milk to your favorite latte art jug.

    Magnetic Superpowers
    The PRO's NanoScreens are loaded with an array of powerful magnets in opposing polarities. This allows the impeller to spin at dizzying speeds of up to 8,000 RPM!

    Custom Programs
    Six different programs precisely adjust the speed of the impeller as the milk warms up, to create perfectly smooth microfoam with any volume of milk.

    Bespoke Jug Design
    The internal jug shape is an integral part of the microfoaming function. It enables small and large volumes of milk to be foamed to the same high standard.

    Flow Control
    Magnetic flow controllers calibrate the microfoaming process by adjusting for the different viscosity and foamability of milk or plant-based alternatives.

    Precise Portions
    Detailed volume markings on the flow controller allow precise portions to be prepared repeatedly, improving consistency and reducing waste.

    Proven Tech
    The NanoFoamer PRO builds on Subminimal's proven proprietary Impeller and NanoScreen technology from the NanoFoamer.

    Cool Touch
    The double walled jug construction means it's always cool to the touch.

    • Dimensions: 120x120x200mm (4.7x4.7x7.9in)
    • Voltage: 120V
    • Weight: 800g (28.2oz)
    • Power: 400W
    • Min Capacity: 100ml (3.4oz)
    • Max Capacity: 220ml (7.4oz)
    • Cord Length: 700mm (27.6in)
    • What's Included:
      • NanoFoamer PRO (120V Version) x 1
      • Electrical base and plug x 1
      • Flow Controllers x 3
      • User manual and quick start guide
      • Cleaning Brush x 1
      • Certificate of Authenticity
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