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supergood Spoony™ Cupping Spoon (6-Pack)

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    supergood Spoony™ Cupping Spoons are more than just beautiful and colourful, they are perfect for getting you set up for cupping all of your fresh roasted coffee.

    Not only are they a great shape and lovely to hold, they're also supergood!

    6 x supergood Spoony™ Cupping Spoons in a single colourway.

    • Set of 6 Spoons
    • Available in a range of colourways
    • Weight (each spoon): 60g (2.1oz)
    • Length (each spoon): 160mm (6.3in)
    • Width (each spoon): 60mm (2.4in)
    • Material: SUS304 (Japanese JIS Standard) Stainless Steel
  • What is cupping? It's a way to evaluate coffee quality. Cupping is favored by coffee professionals because it's an easy way to taste multiple coffees at once. But anyone can do it!

    If you'd like to cup at home, you just need one or more coffees, a cupping spoon, and a few uniform-size cups in the 6- to 8-oz range.

    Add 12 grams of ground coffee to each cup and pour hot water directly onto the grounds, filling the cup all the way to the top. An aromatic crust of coffee grounds will form on the surface. After four minutes, break the crusts with a cupping spoon. Then use the cupping spoon to dip into the coffee, which you slurp from the spoon.

    It sounds totally weird but - well, yes it is totally weird. But fun! If you have never cupped before, we recommend checking out an online article or video tutorial - luckily there are tons! Just do a google search for "how to cup coffee".

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