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GLOWBEANS The Gabi Drip Master B

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    Simplify your brewing experience with The Gabi Master B. Every coffee can be consistently tasty with the surprisingly simple Master B. Pour through precisely calculated holes that lower agitation and evenly disperse the water over your coffee bed. Let Gabi Master B do the precise pouring for you!

    Master B brews so consistently that it can be used to evaluate coffee quality in a fair way. Designed for compatibility with most pourover drippers. High quality hand drip coffee brewing made easy with Master B - no master coffee brewer level of experience required.

    • Made from Tritan™ Plastic
    • Water Dispense Rate: 2g/sec
  • Use to help brew delicious pourover coffee.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
John H.
Works Exactly as Described

While expensive for what it does, the Drip Master B works very well. I am using it with the ceramic Kalita Wave 185. Makes it easy to get reproducible pour over coffee brews. Note that when I received the second Drip Master (gave the first to my brother) I initially had problems with the unit only draining at 0.5 grams per second. This led to a pour over that took six minutes rather than 3.5 minutes and the coffee was over extracted. The first one I bought was about right at 1.5 grams per second. For the slow draining Drip Master, I ran a lot of water through it, washed it with a lot of dishwashing soap, then thoroughly rinsed it. After that it is draining at 2 grams per second, which I understand is the proper drain rate.

Makes great coffee, but super poor materials

As above, coffee brew/drip quality is fantastic. But the upper funnel portion with the handle broke within 6 weeks of intermittent use (at my condo. There about half time. Cracks appeared and it leaked. I contracted the manufacturer and they could not have cared less. Absolutely no idea of what customer service is. My Aeropress I used for 3 years before getting this, is now back in use. Avoid this product. The cracking issue is not uncommon. I always hand washed, never dropped it. The plastic material is fragile.

Marshall W.
Very cool idea - wish it worked out of the box

I was hesitant to order this with the reviews regarding the drainage issues, but decided to roll the dice, anyway. Well, like the others, about half of the holes are not draining any water, which is pretty disappointing. I'm planning on poking the holes with a needle, like the other reviewers said, but I'm uncomfortable with modifying a device that is supposed to be 'precisely calculated' in design. I guess I'll just have to compare the flow rate afterwards, and hope it dispenses water close to the 2g/sec.

With that being said, I really think this is a cool product and I'm excited to use it. I would even consider ordering another (assuming the manufacturing issues are remedied), just to know that I have a properly functioning device - not something that I just hope is working as intended.

Don J.J.C.
Out of the box - Clogged Holes - Not Impressed

Back in June 2023 after reading the "first page" of reviews (Eight Ounce Coffee web site) on the Gabi Drip Master B product, all were very favourable, I decided to purchase the unit. After receiving the product I decided to see how this unit worked by using a flow of tap water and it was then that I noticed that not all of the drip holes were letting the water out and that these holes were located in the centre ring and outer ring. I was certainly disappointed at that stage and went to the Eight Ounce Coffee web site to reread the reviews. It was then after reading all the reviews that I noticed that there were some people that had Drip Master B’s with the same issue as I discovered, clogged holes. Some of these people used pins or needles to open the clogged holes up and considering that I paid $42 for the Drip Master B I felt that this procedure should not have to be done to the unit.

I later contacted both the Gabi Company (never received a reply) and Eight Ounce Coffee where I had several e-mail conversations with Eight Ounce's customer support rep called Ben who was sympathetic with my Gabi Drip Master B issues. In the end the requirement to get a replacement unit meant that I had to video or photograph the clogged holes so that the warranty process could be started.

Not wanting to wait for this delay re warranty process, I ended up much to my dismay taking the cues from some of the other Drip Master B purchasers and I proceeded to use a fine needle to open up the clogged holes.

I hope people considering the purchase of the Gabi Drip Master B “read all the reviews” on the Eight Ounce Coffee web site unlike I did, so that they can make up their own mind whether to pursue the purchase of the Gabi Drip Master B or not.

Debra R.

What a wonderful device. Have been using it for a month and couldn’t be happier. No more clogging for me!

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