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TIMEMORE Black Mirror Mini Coffee Scale

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    The Timemore Black Mirror Mini is a feature-rich and affordable coffee scale with a reduced footprint. Sharing the same straightforward, clean, design aesthetic as the Black Mirror BASIC, the Mini's smaller footprint is ideal for travel and fits comfortably on espresso machine drip trays (and the pocket of your jeans).

    At just under 16mm (0.63in) thick and weighing less than 200g (7.1oz), the Black Mirror Mini, is easy to carry and easy to fit on the smallest of brew bars or directly on the drip tray of an espresso machine. Use the included heat-resistant, silicone pad, with its thoughfully designed drainage grooves and portafilter holder on the reverse side, to protect the Mini from spills and scratches.

    Like its bigger sibling the Black Mirror BASIC, the Mini has all the features you want like - increased accuracy and responsiveness, a physical power switch, textured buttons, weight-detecting auto-timer, the ability to switch between grams and ounces and flow rate monitoring, to give you more feedback, and more control over your brewing.

    With both pourover and espresso timing modes, and a battery that can run up to 20 hours on a single charge, the Black Mirror Mini is a great tool for home, on the road and in the cafe.

    • Capacity: 2kg (do not exceed maximum weight capacity)
    • Accuracy: 0.1g
    • Sensitivity: +/- 0.1g (0.0g-500g) +/- 1g (500-1000g) +/- 3g (1000-2000g)
    • USB-C Rechargeable 760mAh 3.7V Lithium Ion Battery with LED battery indicator
    • Includes: Scale, Silicone Pad, USB-C charging cable
    • Designed with waterproof features and IPX3 certified
    • Accuracy may be Effected While Charging
    • Warranty: 1 year Limited
    • Size: 114x100x15.8mm (4.49x3.9x0.62in)
    • Weight: 192g (6.8oz)
  • TIMEMORE Black Mirror Mini Coffee Scale - Product Brochure and Getting Started Guide

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Worth the extra $10 over the Black Mirror Basic 2, considering the size and portability.

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