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TIMEMORE Chestnut X Lite

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    With the Chestnut X Lite, Timemore has taken the best features of their flagship, Chestnut X hand grinder and put them in a more familiar form factor, offering incredible grind uniformity and premium quality at a more accessible price point.

    Balanced Flavour
    Timemore's patented, professional-grade, "Spike-to-Cut", S2C880 42mm conical burrs grind with a high consistency, nearly equal to that of a premium, electric grinder. Made from high hardness, water and rust resistant SUS440 high carbon stainless steel, the 42mm burrs are designed to work in two stages: firstly, to spike the beans and break them down into smaller pieces; secondly, the spiked coffee then passes through a more standard burr design to break the coffee down into its final grind size. You'll capture the coffee's full flavor and aroma in your brews.

    High Precision Adjustment
    24-click grind adjustment with a precise 0.5 scale separates the X Lite from most other hand grinders; no more counting. Directly rotate the dial according to your preference to produce grinds from espresso to pour over to French press.

    Exquisite Design
    The sleek and minimal body and unique handle are aesthetically appealing, while a silicone, non-slip bottom is a practical addition, increasing the ease of use.

    Easy Grinding
    The X Lite's simple, cylindrical body with anti-slip texture provides extra grip, while the ergonomically shaped crank handle spins smoothly, allowing you to grind 30 grams of coffee in approximately one minute.

    Metal Body for Durability
    Its aluminum alloy body makes the Timemore X Lite a lightweight, yet durable coffee grinder for travel or camping. Durability is also enhanced by the stainless steel crank handle, driveshaft, and conical burrs.

    • Patented 42mm Spike 2 Cut burrs made from SUS440 high carbon stainless steel - water and rust-resistant
    • 30g capacity
    • 24 clicks grind adjustments
    • Dual bearings to ensure the shaft spins smoothly and is stable
    • Ergonomic handle for comfort and style
    • Aluminum alloy body with a textured pattern on the outside making it easier to grip
    • Height: 163mm (6.4in)
    • Diameter: 55mm (2.2in)
    • Weight: 600g
  • Timemore Chestnut X Lite Grinder - Product Brochure

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Customer Reviews

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Brigitte Zirger
Workd very nicely

After considerable research, we settled on the Chestnut X Lite. We are quite satisfied with it.

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