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TIMEMORE Crystal Eye Optical Glass Dripper 01 with Holder

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  • This is the lean and mean version of the large and in charge Timemore Crystal Eye Dripper 02. Timemore has created a beautiful, yet very durable coffee dripper. Just looking at the Crystal Eye will improve your coffee brewing process and results (one could hope!). The unique design of the dripper makes it easier to observe how your coffee is brewing. The grooves in the bottom third of the dripper allow for smoother flow, and combined with the ribs in the pouring area, create an ideal extraction. This dripper will look oh so glamorous on your Instagram as the crystal light will be shining rainbows out of your phone screen.

    • Thick Optical Glass
    • Plastic Base
    • Includes Paper Filters
    • Compatible with V60-01 Filters
  • Crystal Eye Dripper Recipe:

    1. Turn on Kettle. Set to 92°C (198°F)
    2. Weigh 15g of Coffee
    3. Grind Coffee between 20 and 25 on Baratza Encore
    4. Pre-wet Filter and Preheat Glass Carafe
    5. Discard Preheat Water From Carafe
    6. Add Ground Coffee to Filter. Shake Gently to Level the Coffee Bed
    7. Start Timer
    8. Pour 50g of Water for Bloom. Agitate Gently for 5-10 seconds
    9. When Timer Reaches 45 Seconds, Continue Pouring in a Controlled Circular Motion
    10. Finish Pouring When Scale Reads 245g
    11. Give Gentle Stir Around Edge of Dripper. Wait for Water to Completely Draw Down
    12. Enjoy!

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Customer Reviews

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Enjoyable to use so far

I'm new to pour-over coffee, but so far this product is enjoyable to use. I like that the glass dripper can be removed and reattached from its holder pretty easily. Although the 01 glass dripper says that it's good for 1-2 cups, I prefer only using it for one cup. There is a noticeable difference between the first and second glass. I will probably eventually purchase the 02 glass dripper size too, for when I have company over. Clean up was super easy!

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