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TODDY Commercial Model Tree Free Filters (50-Pack)

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    A pack of 50 replacement filters for your Toddy® Commercial Model Cold Brew System. Made from tree free natural paper and designed to work perfectly with the commercial Toddy.

    Strain out undesirable bitter acids and fatty oils with Toddy® Commercial Model Tree Free Filters to produce the smooth, rich flavor millions have enjoyed since 1964. These plant-based filters are strong enough to hold 5 lbs (2.27kg) of wet coffee grounds without tearing and do not impart any additional flavors into your brew.

    Tree free filters are compostable and fabricated to precise requirements specific to the Toddy® Commercial Model Cold Brew System.

    • Natural Paper Filters Made from Alternative Sources
    • Makes 9.5L/320oz of coffee concentrate
    • Made in USA
  • Toddy® Commercial Model - Brewing Guide

    Toddy® Commercial Model (with lift) - Brewing Guide

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Andrew N.
Well-made filters

I ordered these filters as my first refill after the four-pack that comes with the Toddy.

I found they held together much better than the paper filters while removing about the same amount of oil.

I recommend brewing for 24hrs with these and then running the cold brew through a thick pour-over filter to get a bright, clean cup of cold brew.

Brooks Murtha
Great filters!

Love these! Strong enough to hold together, gentle enough to decompose without worry. Spot on.

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