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UMESHISO Chopsticks (6-Pairs)

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    Another addition to the Umeshiso family - Gaysian chopsticks!!! These chopsticks come in a pack of 6 pairs, with package illustrations by Asian artists Laura Clark and Felix Tran.

    Umeshiso cutlery is more than just beautiful and colourful. Founded by Umeko Motoyoshi, Umeshiso promotes coffee education, inclusion and community for under represented members of the coffee community, celebrating women, femmes, nonbinary and trans folks, BIPoC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color), and allies.

    In addition to their chopsticks, Umeshiso also makes, the Mini Dipper teaspoons and two styles of cupping spoon: the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper. All the different cutlery is available in a number of colourways:

    • Gold: Cause you're my golden hour, the color of my sky. This classic gold finish goes with everything and pops beautifully on the table. And you know everything's gonna be all right.
    • Black: Be infinite, like the night, like the cosmos. This pitch-black cutlery is perfect for vampires, witches, Posh Spice, Johnny Cash, emo-identified individuals, and of course goths.
    • Rose Gold: Stay rosy with your very own rose gold-plated, stainless steel cutlery! This beautiful finish looks like sunsets and stonefruit.
    • Rainbow: "I've always had a fraught relationship with cupping. (Being corrected on tasting notes, embarrassed, not knowing what bergamot tastes like). So I wanted rainbow cupping spoons, to disarm something that scared me. It reminds me that I can be myself - femme, queer, biracial, sensitive - and also do my job and taste coffee. All those things are possible at once! In Feb of 2018, I started the Rainbow Spoon project. I mailed out a rainbow spoon, for free, to anyone who asked. To rad, amazing women, femmes & nb folks, and our allies. After sending out 75 spoons, I unfortunately was no longer able to provide them for free! (As the spoons were paid for out of pocket). Thank you for sharing this journey with me. I think we’re all in this together, cupping the rainbow."
      -Umeko Motoyoshi

    Check out more of what Umeko is up to on the Umesisho blog and at Wasting Coffee

    • Available in Gold, Black, Rose Gold or Rainbow colourways
    • Available in packs of six (6) pairs of one colourway
  • Use for precise grasping of food while cooking and eating.

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I bought these chopsticks in gold and black because I couldn’t choose (and the rainbow were sold out)! They feel nice to use and have a good weight to them. The gold set is my favourite between the two, because the black set looks more gunmetal grey IRL than black and I wish the colour was more black, but they are still lovely and pretty!

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