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Urnex Biocaf Grinder Cleaning Tablets

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  • Description
  • Specs
  • Method
  • Watch out dirty burrs, there's a new grinder cleaner in town. Biocaf Grinder Cleaning Tablets remove coffee oils and grind particles from burrs and casings without disassembling the grinder. Biocaf is formulated from all natural, plant-based ingredients, does not contain phosphates, and all ingredients are food safe. So put away that screwdriver and put in a capful of Biocaf instead!

    • 430g (15.2oz) Container
    • Phosphate free
    • You can actually eat the grinder tablets without getting sick, but trust us, they don't taste very good!
  • Grinder Cleaning Instructions

    1. Empty all coffee from grinder
    2. Add Biocaf Grinder Cleaning Tablets: use 1 cap full (35-40g) for espresso (or home grinders) grinders or 2 caps full (70-80g) for commercial grinders
    3. Adjust grinder to medium setting and operate
    4. To purge residual dust from the tablets, repeat above process twice with coffee
    5. Repeat if desired
    6. Note: Dust may develop during grinding and is harmless. Wipe particulates from hopper, spout, and doser. Keep container tightly closed and dry.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Mark E.
Does what it says and does it well.

These coffee bean style tablets were easy and great to use. Bonus for being bio friendly. Just grind them, then brush it clean and run some beans through to flush the rest of it out. My year old Opus was oil and residue free. Why did I wait so long to buy these? Don't make the same mistake I did. Essential.


Works like a charm. Happy to add this to my cleaning routine.

Henry C.
Must have for electric grinder owners

If you’ve invested in a decent electric grinder, this is a must have solution to clean it. My grinder is as good as new now.

William H.
Good stuff

Using it with a Baratza Encore - works great, natural. Couldn't ask for more.

Jimmy C.
Great product!

I like this products as it's easy to use and it's natural.

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