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WACACO Picopresso Gauge

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    Elevate your espresso game with the Wacaco Picopresso Gauge accessory - your key to mastering the art of precision brewing. Effortlessly installed onto your Picopresso unit, the pressure meter instantly allows you to monitor and control the pressure during each extraction.

    Ideal for both novices and seasoned baristas, the gauge is a very valuable teaching tool, helping you understand and refine your pumping technique. Explore the world of micro-pumping and achieve better stability in pressure, allowing for a more traditional brewing process.

    With the Picopresso Gauge, not only can you perfect your espresso shots, but you can also fine-tune your pumping style for a truly customized coffee experience. Embrace the power of control with the Picopresso Gauge - where direct pressure feedback brings new possibilities.

    Please Note: The Picopresso Gauge is only compatible with the Picopresso. The Picopresso, the Stand and Exagram shown in the photos are not included.

    • Dimensions: 130 x 70 x 54 mm (5.11 x 2.75 x 2.12 in)
    • Weight: 260g (9.17oz)
    • Materials: Stainless Steel, Aluminum, PA66, Silicone
    • Package Includes:
      • Gauge with adapter
      • Multi-language instruction book
  • Install on to your existing Picopresso and use to gauge and adjust the pressure generated when making espresso.

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