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    Built for 58mm baskets, the Blind Shaker grinds redistribution tool is perfectly engineered to help baristas reduce static, decrease channeling, and increase extraction yield on every shot. Loved by shop, competition, and home baristas alike, the Weber Workshops Blind Shaker uses a proprietary process to create a polished-smooth interior that resists grounds sticking.

    • Available in Silver or Onyx colourways
    • Made from anodized aluminum and finished with a proprietary process to polish-smooth all interior surfaces to prevent grounds sticking
  • Use to help reduce static, decrease channeling, and increase extraction yield on every espresso shot. It also cleans up the workflow and keeps the powder off of the countertop.

    Clean with warm water and a cloth only. NEVER clean in a dishwasher or with any abrasive or harsh chemicals.

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Customer Reviews

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Just ordered before the trend

Luckily ordered this piece of gear before the YouTube reviews came in. I have a Weber HG-1 and got this as a catch cup. It does well, nothing incredible. I am a little frustrated that coffee is already sticking to some parts of the interior. I thought that a better product would ensure that would not happen. Oh well.

J Y.
Nice build and quality of materials

As good as you could likely hope for with this design of shaker. Interior is adequately slick to avoid caking (though some coffee will still stick behind, benefiting from a brush out). Still a bit pricey for what it offers.

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