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TIMEMORE Chestnut C3s MAX Grinder

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    With a 30g (1.06oz) capacity, the Timemore Chestnut C3s MAX holds 50% more than the other grinders in the C3 series. This means you can grind enough for yourself and your friends.

    With its stepless grinding adjustment, the Chestnut C3s MAX allows you to easily achieve the perfect coarseness for your preferred brewing method. Whether you're making French Press, Pourover or Espresso, the C3s MAX has you covered.

    Featuring a practical, folding handle and an upgraded Spike-to-Cut (S2C) 660 burr set, based on the popular S2C 860 burrs in the Chestnut X, and a hardness of HRC-55-58, the Chestnut C3s MAX provides excellent cutting performance, ensuring your coffee beans taste their best with consistent and swift grinding, preserving the flavour of your coffee beans.

    The Timemore C3s MAX manual grinder has also been upgraded to an all-metal aluminum alloy body, with no plastic parts inside, built for precise grinding and durability. Fixed with a dual-bearing design, the C3s MAX makes the grinding process more detailed and the coffee grounds more uniform.

    With a diameter of 53mm (2.09in) and weighing in at 585g (20.6oz) the Chestnut C3s MAX is easy to hold and carry and has a generous capacity of 30g (1.06oz), enough for two or three cups of coffee.

    • ⌀38mm (⌀1.5in) HRC55-58 Spike-to-Cut (SC2) 660 Stainless Steel Burr Set
    • Dual Bearing Concentric Burr Shaft Stabilization
    • Materials: Aluminum Alloy, Stainless Steel, Polycarbonate (lid and handle only)
    • Capacity: 30g (1.06oz)
    • Size: 178x53mm (7.01x2.09in)
    • Includes a grinder brush

    Chestnut C3 Model Comparison

    Model C3 C3s C3s PRO C3s MAX C3 ESP C3 ESP PRO
    S2C 660 Burrs Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Grind Adjustment (clicks per rotation) Fine (12 clicks) Fine (12 clicks) Fine (12 clicks) Fine (12 clicks) Superfine (30 clicks) Superfine (30 clicks)
    All-Metal Aluminum Body No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Foldable Handle No No Yes Yes No Yes
    Capacity 20g (0.71oz) 20g (0.71oz) 20g (0.71oz) 30g (1.06oz) 20g (0.71oz) 20g (0.71oz)
  • TIMEMORE Chestnut C3s PRO/MAX - User Manual

    Timemore Chestnut C3s MAX Grinder - Product Brochure

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kyle Rodger
Started grinding fresh for pour overs at home

This is an absolute beauty, can fit 30g of beans and grinds like a dream. I specifically went for this one for the folding handle and larger capacity for camping and a double order of coffee. The handle feels very high quality same as the rest of the grinder.

Comes with a canvas bag for transportation and a brush for cleaning. Tip for anyone buying, get a can of pressurised air for cleaning the inside every once in a while.

Super Pro

Love it, it makes grinding easy than my previous one. It's a bot heavy which is a good feature for me, feels very solid.

Andy Akey
TIMEMORE Chestnut C3s MAX grinder

Received the C3s Max as scheduled, well packaged. After two weeks of use, love it. Gives me coarse grind for my percolator, maintains easy. Worth the price.

Jaime Santos

Well packaged and great product in great condition!

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